Drinker's horror at spotting rude message on receipt after making wine request

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Whilst the customer must
Whilst the customer must've thought their request reasonable, the waiter was seemingly less convinced (stock image) (Image: Getty Images/Westend61)

One drinker was left horrified after spotting a rude message left on their receipt after they made a special wine request.

An employee at a pub caused a stir online after they left the note. Seemingly, they let their emotions get the better of them, going out of their way to send a snide message to one customer.

The unfortunate incident took place when a guest at the Cornish Arms, Melbourne, Australia, asked for ice in their wine. Whoever was serving them, was less than impressed with the request however.

Whilst they put it through, they left their own message on the receipt alongside the wine order. It said: "Terre Forte Pinot Grigio – ice in it f****** bogans."

Drinker's horror at spotting rude message on receipt after making wine request eideziqkeiqhhinvThe rude message left on the customer's receipt (Reddit)

Bogan is Australian slang for a person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour are considered unrefined or unsophisticated. It comes as the Cornish Arms received a complaint from the customer on July 25, three days after the incident, The Daily Star reported.

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The restaurant told 7News: "Staff were spoken to and reminded of their workplace responsibilities and the junior staff member then came forward to management and was very apologetic, not realising it would print on the customer's receipt.

"She has been spoken to and placed on a three-month probation. Her comment in no way reflects the values of The Cornish Arms and we will continue to educate and train staff to ensure the business evolves. The customer has since been spoken with and will be returning for a meal on us soon."

The comment also sparked an uproar online as people thought the message was slightly inappropriate. A photo of the receipt was posted on Reddit.

One said: "If you can't do your job without showing basic human respect, you need to find an industry that limits your contact with the public. Another added: "It's actually meant to be drunk around 10-13 degrees, not the sweltering 25-35+ degrees we get. The temperature of the wine affects flavours in a similar way to cheese. At the end of the day, doesn't matter what's 'expected' or 'appropriate'. The customer has paid for it and can drink it however they like."

Others did see the funny side of things though. One said: "This is absolutely hilarious but also very amateur to leave the notes on the receipt for the customer." While another simply labelled the server as a "legend".

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