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US sanctions target Dodik family network in Bosnia
The U.S. sanctioned on Tuesday two individuals and a network of companies that have been enriching Bosnian Serb nationalist leader Milorad Dodik and his family, saying he has robbed his own people for years while threatening their safety with his constant rhetoric about a secession of the Bosnian Serb controlled part of the country.
Adulterated cooking oil floods Nigerian markets
The Nigerian government has raised alarm over the recent rise in contaminated palm oil into which middleman are allegedly adding dye, transformer oil or other harmful substances to increase their profit.
Israel warns of potential ’all-out war’ after Hezbollah releases video targeting military and civilian sites
Israel warned Hezbollah on Tuesday of the prospect of “all-out war” after the Lebanese militant group published a 9-minute video, purportedly taken by a drone, showing Israeli military and civilian locations in several Israeli cities.
Putin says Russia and North Korea will help each other if attacked, taking ties to a ‘new level’
Vladimir Putin said Russia and North Korea have ramped up ties to a “new level,” pledging to help each other if either nation is attacked in a “breakthrough” new partnership announced during the Russian president’s rare visit to the reclusive state.
Poland’s ex-oil boss moves to Brussels, beyond the reach of prosecutors
Daniel Obajtek’s case also a first test for how the new European Parliament will deal with rule of law issues.
Trial begins for ’esoteric’ faction of alleged German coup plotters
GP, celebrity chef and astrologer among defendants in third trial linked to far-right Reichsbürger
Ex-Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra charged with insulting the monarchy
Thaksin appears in court accused of lese-majeste relating to 2015 interview with South Korean media
Europol dismantles Balkan cartel trafficking drugs from South America
Eight tonnes of cocaine seized and 40 people arrested after four-year investigation led by Spain’s Guardia Civil
Russia has issued arrest warrants against investigative journalists
Authorities in Moscow issued arrest warrants against Roman Anin, the editor-in-chief of Important Stories (IStories), and journalist Ekaterina Fomina, accusing them of spreading fake news about the Russian army.
West Africa plans to combat new synthetic drug epidemic
Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau have authorized a Swiss-based civil society organization to facilitate chemical testing of a drug that is wreaking havoc in West Africa and has prompted the president of Sierra Leone to declare a national emergency.
At least 10 people have died, and dozens are missing following two shipwrecks in the Mediterranean
Rescuers near Italy report 10 bodies found on wooden boat and 50 missing in a separate incident off Calabria
Putin appoints his niece, billionaire Anna Tsivileva, as Deputy Defense Minister
Putin’s niece Anna Tsivileva has been appointed as Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, as stated in the official decree published on Russia’s legal acts portal.
Wife sues for $1,000,000 after husband dies from electrocution in hotel hot tub
The wife of a man who died after being electrocuted in a hot tub at a hotel in Mexico has filed a $1,000,000 lawsuit.
Spies working for Russia disappear in Poland following release from custody
According to Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, three saboteurs convicted of taking part in a Russian plan to stoke anti-Ukrainian sentiment and to disrupt transportation networks in Poland vanished after being sentenced by a Lublin court in Dec. 2023.
Indian suspect in plot to kill Sikh separatist extradited to the US
Nikhil Gupta accused of plotting to kill US resident who advocated for sovereign Sikh state in northern India
Benjamin Netanyahu dissolves Israel’s war cabinet
Move could signal end to coalition and more control by Israeli PM over war in Gaza
Russian forces kill six Islamic State-linked hostage takers at Rostov detention centre, freeing prison guards
Russian special forces stormed a detention centre in southern Russia, freeing two prison guards and shooting dead six inmates linked to the Islamic State militant group.
Putin ‘stashing years of food in secret nuclear bunker under Siberian mountains’
An anonymous source has claimed that Vladimir Putin is stashing massive quantities of food in a bunker equipped for nuclear fallout.
Eight Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza, marking one of the deadliest incidents for Israeli forces since October 7
Eight Israeli soldiers were killed in southern Gaza on Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces says, in one of the deadliest single incidents involving its troops since October 7.
Cyril Ramaphosa re-elected as President of South Africa
South Africa’s parliament has re-elected Cyril Ramaphosa as the country’s president following a landmark coalition deal between the governing African National Congress (ANC) and opposition parties.
Russia accused of using ’deliberate’ starvation tactics in Mariupol, according to ICC submission
Lawyers say strategy of denying food and services to people in Ukrainian city during siege could amount to war crime
Furious Putin claims West is pushing him ’to point of no return’ on nuclear World War III
Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused the West of pushing him to point of no return and has issued new threats on nuclear World War 3 - he accused NATO leaders of ’extreme recklessness’
The presence of synthetic drugs is on the rise in Europe
Europe is facing a growing threat from potent synthetic substances, new drug mixtures, and evolving usage patterns, particularly after the Taliban imposed a ban on opium poppy cultivation, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) warned in its latest report published on Tuesday.
Israeli tanks push into Rafah, leaving fleeing Palestinians to ’face death and starvation’
UN warns that more than a million people are being forced to flee to areas in which there is little food, water or shelter
Bungling robbers botch their own heist by accidentally setting the entire contents of a cash van on fire
The 20 balaclava-clad gangsters carrying AK47 assault rifles and revolvers blew off the roof and both sides - instead of the door of the cash van in Mhala, South Africa