Impact of Saturn in retrograde on every star sign - from Aries to Pisces

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Each sign of the zodiac will have a different experience during Saturn retrograde (Stock Image) (Image: Getty Images)
Each sign of the zodiac will have a different experience during Saturn retrograde (Stock Image) (Image: Getty Images)

Saturn retrograde is here, and whilst the word retrograde may make you instantly break out into a sweat - there's really no need, because this time, for now, it's not in Mercury. You just need to sit up and listen to the ways you should reflect and reassess, rather than seeing this retrograde as an impossible mountain to climb.

Saturn's retrograde doesn't have as much of a chaotic buzz around it as Mercury, which causes panic and a desperate need to check the details of everything fifty times. But Saturn retrograde is happening right now, and depending on your star sign, there will be things that you should keep your eye out for and assessments you need to make.

Astrologer Stina Garbis, of Tarotoo explained: "When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be going backward in the sky. Saturn, a slow, moving planet, and Capricorn's ruler, represents our challenges and strengths in life. When this planet goes retrograde, it means that it's time to do inner work, and to work on the inside causes of our challenges as opposed to their physical representations. Basically, we have to go within, and we have to go deep.

"Saturn is restricting and tells us to be serious about our lives, and to not be wasteful with our talents. Saturn is the planet that will complain that you're too lazy and that you don't work hard enough. But when it's retrograde, Saturn turns into the nagging voice in our head that says we need to do things differently and let's try to make some changes. It's a compelling force that makes us want to shift our lives and perspective."

Here's how Saturn retrograde can react with each sun sign, according to Stina:

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Aries is a very high-movement planet. It's about doing and getting out there and exploring new territory. Saturn retrograde would affect Aries by saying, "Hey are you getting out there enough and living your dream and your purpose?" It would highlight Aries's lazy nature and tell them, "Hey get back to work."

Taurus is a sign of consumption and likes to build wealth and status. But sometimes Taurus can be frivolous and can buy some pretty crazy stuff that has no worth. Saturn retrograde would remind them of their purpose of building a legacy and would be the type of event that would make a Taurus budget for their future. They may add an extra hundred dollars a month towards their retirement fund, or buy an extra life insurance policy.

Gemini is an information addict and is always learning and thinking and figuring out stuff. A Saturn retrograde would shine a flashlight on their intelligence and would make them consider going back to school or exploring a new topic that they have been putting off. It encourages them to learn more about something that they have been neglecting.

Cancer is like the moody mother of the Zodiac. They like to take care of others and keep people close and be the ones to tend to the household. A Saturn retrograde would make them think twice about the people that they are keeping near and dear to them. They may renegotiate or rethink love relationships around them, and may take some time alone to figure out their purpose.

Leo is the performer of the Zodiac and needs to be out in front and on stage. They are the motivational speaker, the actor, the singer. A Saturn retrograde would make them reconsider their act. And encourage them to get out more and work on their purpose of helping people change while enlightening and entertaining them. They would build a new act.

Virgos are the born organised people of this world. They have their act together and their house's clean. Their drawers are organised and they have a good job and a reasonable life. A Saturn retrograde would be a sign to them to clean out the garage and clean out the closets and reassess all of the clutter that they have built up over the last couple of years and basically have a big yard sale.

Libras are people pleasers. They are all about relationships, and how they work. This would be another sign that would look at the relationships in their life and sever ties with people that no longer serve them. They may contemplate their purpose and see if their actions are really in line with their morals. Are they truly living the way they believe they should be, and if they’re not what changes can they make?

Scorpio has a lot of pent-up aggression. They keep secrets and stuff their feelings. A Saturn retrograde is when they would get a therapist to work all of this stuff out. They may do inner child work, contemplate their family relationships when they were a little kid, and do deep healing.

Sagittarius likes to play and not be serious. They are the adventurers and storytellers of the Zodiac. A Saturn retrograde may make them want to take a trip to a far-off land that they haven't been to and live to tell the tale. If a Sagittarius has been stagnant lately the Saturn retrograde will tell them to get moving again.

Capricorn, who is ruled by Saturn may have either a great time during Saturn retrograde or a terrible time. This may be a time when the universe hits them on the head with a big bat and tells them to do better and be better. This may be the time they decide to get another job or to reach out to family that they have been out of touch with. They may feel very uncomfortable during a retrograde and feel like they need to do more.

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Aquarius is another sign that may need to get its head straight around a Saturn retrograde. They are the inventors and the professors of the Zodiac. They break new ground and discover amazing things. If a Saturn retrograde hits and they are not working on their next invention or their next big discovery they may feel compelled to get back on the wagon and get back to work. They may have a big revelation as to something that they need to do and then prepare to go do it.

Pisces are great lovers and amazing artists who create from the depths of their soul. When a Saturn retrograde hits they may feel more like a tortured artist and they may get an intense feeling of sadness or of woe. This would be the time that they would work on an epic poem, or write a book or make a painting that represents their inner self. They would be moved at this time to create from the heart.

Danielle Kate Wroe

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