Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz fight predictions including Conor McGregor and AnEsonGib

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Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz fight predictions including Conor McGregor and AnEsonGib
Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz fight predictions including Conor McGregor and AnEsonGib

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz's upcoming fight has drawn major interest, and is expected to be one of the pay-per-view spectacles of the year in Dallas.

The YouTube star is looking to land himself back in the win column against UFC legend Diaz, while his rival is looking to start his professional boxing career with a bang at the American Airlines Center. And it appears that this grudge match has attracted the interest of many, including some of the biggest names across YouTube, boxing and MMA.

Diaz has had legendary battles in the past with the likes of Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal, while Paul has picked up wins over some major stars as well. The social media sensation tasted defeat for the first time against Tommy Fury last time out, and must win impressively this time around.

Here are some major names and their predictions for Paul vs Diaz...

Conor McGregor

“I fancy him [Nate Diaz] for it, to be honest. The man’s a bit windy. The other cat’s a bit windy. He’s [ Jake Paul ] a donkey. The guy’s a donkey, but you’re a cat. The donkey has a kick as well. So you just got to be worried about that.”

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Dustin Poirier

"Man, Nate does have good boxing. But it’s unorthodox and it works well for MMA, small gloves, pitter pat punches in that small range. But with boxing gloves things are different. Timing’s different, range is a little bit different. And Jake is a big, athletic young kid. If I had to put money on it, I’d put it on Jake.

“I’ve been around both guys, Jake is a lot bigger than Nate, a lot more explosive, has the money and the amenities to put the best people around him and really lock himself away and work on the art. He hasn’t been doing it for that long, but all it takes is one punch from a guy like that, a guy that size.”


"Jake Paul should smoke Nate Diaz. Nate Diaz is too old and he's worn out, right? He's worn out so that's my opinion."

Whindersson Nunes

"I don't know - I think when you go from MMA to boxing and there's not that long of a layoff you lose some stuff, it's very different to walk in an octagon and walk in the ring. You have to be ready to defend from everything, not just punches. Jake has been working on his sport a lot and you've seen how much he developed between fights. Of course Nate is a huge legend, I think it's going to be a very, very tight fight."

Randy Couture

"I see Nate as a 155-pounder, he just isn't that big and Jake Paul's walking in this at 190-195lb so he's a much bigger guy in my opinion. But you can't take anything away from Nate Diaz competitively, the Diaz brothers are amazing competitors both in MMA and part of that prowess is their boxing ability.

"That shoe shine polished striking along with their ability to grapple and be black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well makes them a well-rounded package. But coming in and taking them away from those skillsets in a pure boxing environment? It will be interesting to see how he deals with that."

Kenny Florian

"I'd be leaning towards Nate Diaz in this one. However, you're talking about a guy in Jake Paul who is younger, he's fresher, but definitely doesn't have the toughness of a Nate Diaz so I'm curious to see how it goes, I'm not sure I'm going to order it to watch it - I tend to stay away from spectacles in general.

"But you have to respect Jake Paul and what he's done, he's taking on an absolute legend in Nate Diaz and one of the best things he does in Mixed Martial Arts is boxing, so I think that Nate Diaz has really had a curiosity for competing in the boxing realm for a long time so I'm curious to see how he goes out and does - I wish him well and I hope it's a great fight for both parties."

Donagh Corby

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