Love Island cast stunned as two islanders 'confirm' secret romance after fallout

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Love Island cast stunned as two islanders
Love Island cast stunned as two islanders 'confirm' secret romance after fallout

Love Island reunion viewers couldn't contain their excitement as Scott van-der-Sluis all but confirmed that he and Catherine are back in contact - and they are more than friends after putting the past behind them.

Scott and Catherine were a favourite couple in the villa before Casa Amor week through a huge bomb into mix when Catherine came back to the main villa with a new man. Since her exit from the villa and split from partner Elom, fans have been curious whether Scott and Catherine might rekindle their romance. In a recent Q&A with fans, Catherine hinted that she wanted to try again with Scott prompting fans to speculate the pair could get back together, given that Scott left the show in a friendship couple with Abi.

And it looks as though the pair are truly back on good terms as they appeared more flirty and giddy than ever when dishing the dirt on whether or not things are now romantic between them. After giving each other the eyes for a number of seconds during an awkward silence, Scott finally confirmed that the pair are 'speaking' a lot - but didn't confirm if they are dating.

Scott appeared on Aftersun last week alongside Abi where he was asked by host Maya Jama about whether him and Catherine could be a thing again. Before he replied, he was quick to defend Catherine and slam those who had criticised her.

Love Island cast stunned as two islanders 'confirm' secret romance after fallout eidexiqreiqtrinvScott and Catherine appear to be back on (REX/Shutterstock)

Speaking on the situation, he said: "Yeah me and Catherine are friends now. I just want to put it out there. This is a reality show, you only see an hour of every day. I’ve seen a little bit of what’s been said to Catherine and it’s not right at all. I just wanna put that out there and stick up for her sort of thing because we did get on as friends before she left. We’re in a good place with it."

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When Maya asked whether there was anything more to their relationship, or if they could ever be more than friends, he added: "At the moment, we get on as friends really well but there’s nothing more than that at the moment. I don’t know about a date just yet. I was sort of over that situation in the villa. You can never say never with it, but for me, at the moment I’m sort of done with it."

During a recent Instagram Q&A with fans, Catherine was asked by viewers if she'd like to get back with Scott. Remaining coy, she said she would be catching up with him outside the villa, with fans desperate to see them back together.

Asked about being with Catherine on the show, he said: "I didn’t think I told Catherine enough before Casa Amor about how I was feeling. At the same time I stayed loyal when I had the opportunity to go elsewhere. It wasn’t as if I went into Casa Amor and no-one liked me - I spoke to Gabby a bit but chose to stay loyal to Catherine. She didn’t do the same thing but hopefully it works out for her. Once the situation is put to bed for me, it’s done and there is no going back."

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