Love Island reunion fans cringe as two finalists turn up in 'same dress'

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Love Island reunion fans cringe as two finalists turn up in
Love Island reunion fans cringe as two finalists turn up in 'same dress'

Love Island reunion fans were left doing a double-take as the long-awaited reunion kicked off this tonight as the stars of the 2023 summer series reunited after a dramatic summer in the famous Mallorcan villa.

The finalists of the series joined host Maya Jama in the studio and on the famous Aftersun sofa, including runners-up Whitney and Lochan, Ella and Tyrique who finished in third place, and Molly and Zachariah, who landed in fourth place after their whirlwind romance in the villa, and of course, the winners, Jess and Sammy.

However, as the finalists were introduced to viewers at home, social media users took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to point out that it looked as though Ella and Whitney had turned up in the same dress, while Jess donned a figure-hugging black and red midi dress, while Molly donned a gorgeous black number.

"OMG not Whitney and Ella turning up in the same white dress. I mean, they're a bit different, but did they not consult beforehand?" one questioned, while another quipped: "It's giving twins."

Love Island reunion fans cringe as two finalists turn up in 'same dress' rriddqixxiqezinvElla and Whitney both wore white dresses

"Awkward that Molly and Jess wore uniques dresses but Whit and Ella both wore white maxi gowns. I would be absolutely fuming," another shared, while someone else echoed: "Same! I would refuse to wear it and demand something else hahaha."

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As the reunion kicked off tonight, all eyes were on Kady McDermott, who re-entered the villa this summer seven years after she first appeared on the ITV2 dating show back in 2016. Since leaving the villa, Kady hasn't been shy about throwing her fellow islanders under the bus, as she has slammed islanders including Molly and Zachariah, Mitch, Whitney, and Scott in interviews, on podcast appearances, and on social media.

The summer series hasn't been without controversy in this series, with over 1000 people complaining previously over the treatment of Scott. Following the fallout from Casa Amor, Scott had told Catherine that he had stayed loyal throughout his time but things soon turned tense when Leah suggested that Scott was only single at the Casa Amor recoupling because 'no one wanted him'.

Angry, he hit back at her and said it was the first time he had heard her 'speak in four weeks'. Following the clash, 957 complaints were made to Ofcom after viewers found Leah's comments 'overly harsh' and felt as though Scott was being 'ganged up on'.

Molly's controversial return at Casa Amor also sparked a string of Ofcom complaints. 372 complaints were made when she made a return, and quickly made a beeline for her ex Zach as she confronted him over his behaviour since she'd been gone.

She was booted out when Kady chose to couple up with Zach, but there was a twist in store when Molly returned days later. "As soon as I left, all I’ve been saying is I’m waiting, I’m waiting for him and now I’m just so confused. I just wonder if you’ve still been thinking of me? Or am I not in your mind anymore?" she said, with Zach replying: "I'll be honest my journey has not been the same since you left, I think a lot has gone on." The pair stayed together and eventually made the final.

Earlier today, Abi Moores broke her social media silence after Ofcom received a staggering 913 complaints in it's final week regarding Mitchel Taylor's treatment of her in the villa, as hundreds of fans insisted his behaviour was 'borderline bullying'.

Love Island reunion fans cringe as two finalists turn up in 'same dress'Ella and Whitney both wore white dresses

The ITV2 final aired this week with Jess and Sammy taking the crown in a shocking result. It looks like fans were not happy with the result, as a further 219 complaints were made to Ofcom from viewers who objected to the result. Earlier in the week, 913 complaints were made, most of which were about Mitch’s treatment of Abi with fans sharing their concern for her welfare.

For the episode which aired on Tuesday, July 25, fans rushed to Ofcom to complain about Mitch's treatment of Abi. He had famously criticised her throughout the series after they split up and he decided to crack on with Ella B. Fans fumed at Mitch's treatment of the flight attendant, especially in relation to his comments following the Grafties.

Following his exit, Mitch was quizzed about what made him switch from Abi to Ella B and in response, he said: "I think from the first date we had, I thought there was a connection and it wasn’t until I got back and the way that Abi acted pushed me away. That opened the door for me and Ella B. When we had more conversations together I realised we had a connection."

Abi has now broken her silence, admitting that she doesn't feel as though she faced any bullying in the villa at the hands of Mitch. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Abi said: "To be honest, I think the word bullying is a really strong word to use. It could be a little bit too strong because obviously I was only in there for four weeks and for two of those weeks me and Mitch got on really well.

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"Maybe at times, I did feel bullied by Mitch. He did make me feel isolated, and I just feel the comments kept coming and it was never-ending. It was one after another after another. At the time, obviously, I was trying to change the connection I had with Scott from just friends to being a little bit more and having someone just pick at your relationship and having someone telling you it's not going to work, you don't like her. I don't think me and Scott really got a fair chance to get to know each other."

Love Island: The Reunion is available to stream now on ITVX

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