'Lying and smearing Tories inventing scapegoats for their own wretched record'

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'Chancer of the Exchequer' Jeremy Hunt (Image: Getty Images)

Truth is the biggest enemy of the Conservative Party, so Rishi Sunak and his Tory mob are lying and smearing.

Plummeting incomes, falling living standards, rising interest rates, mounting debt and flatlining growth are not the only failures they are desperately trying to hide. Political satire is killed by Chancer of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt bemoaning Britain being stuck in a “low-growth trap”, as if that is nothing to do with nearly 14 years of Tory economic failure.

The inept Conservative Government is scapegoating doctors and nurses for record NHS waiting lists, and Labour and lawyers for net migration of 600,000 that far outstrips our pre-Brexit record as the Channel boats keep sailing.

It was a new low when Oliver Dowden, a Deputy Prime Minister unfit to lace the boots of firefighters, pretended that safety concerns raised about the still-empty Bibby Stockholm barge meant to accommodate some of the arrivals at Portland in Dorset were motivated by the Fire Brigades Union’s affiliation to Labour.

But then the equally useless Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick tried to pin his own incompetence on a lawyer he could not even name. Tory tactics will become dirtier after Health Minister Maria Caufield, another one unfit to hold a red box, let the cat out of the bag with her slip about “when” Labour get into Government, rather than “if”.

Teachers, civil servants and train drivers walk out in biggest strike in decade eideziqkeiqhhinvTeachers, civil servants and train drivers walk out in biggest strike in decade

Friendless in Westminster, should Sunak’s Tories lose their majority there will be no repeat of the 2017 £1billion Bung Parliament deal with Ulster Unionists to shore them up. So buckle up, buy a tin hat and prepare for a losing party screaming as if problems are not of their making and pretending the country is on the cusp of a golden age if gifted a fifth term in office.

Deceitful, deluded, deranged Donald Trump over the water isn’t the only Right-whinge politician denying verifiable facts and inventing myths. Tory mini-mes over here are playing the same toxic game of make-believe. Mercifully, the odds are that the British people won’t be conned again.

Kevin Maguire

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