Prince Harry slammed by BetterUp co-workers who claim he does 'zero' work

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Prince Harry slammed by BetterUp co-workers who claim he does
Prince Harry slammed by BetterUp co-workers who claim he does 'zero' work

Prince Harry has been slammed by work colleagues at the life-coaching company he has been employed at as a Chief Impact Officer.

The 38-year-old Prince was hired by the San Francisco based tech company in March 2021 - and is reportedly earning a seven figure salary for his time there. However, disgruntled fellow employees - 100 of whom were recently let go by the company - have been questioning just how much work the British royal does at the company.

While in his role as Chief Impact Officer, Harry has made appearances at speaking engagements where he has explained what drives him to get up in the morning, discussed the dangers of burnout, and shared his love for meditation. But other BetterUp employees have been less than complementary about what he brings to the company table.

One employee hit out at Harry, saying: “Every article mentions his role at BetterUp then goes on to roast [him and Meghan Markle]... The juice isn't worth the squeeze.”

Prince Harry slammed by BetterUp co-workers who claim he does 'zero' work rriddqikeiqtkinvPrince Harry has been slammed by colleagues at his start-up company, BetterUp (Getty Images)

Going on to take aim at BetterUp as an organisation more widely, the staff member told The Daily Beast: 'We're all there because of the same bull**** story they keep telling us: 'We're mission driven, and the mission is going to change the world’.”

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In a more damming comment to the Daily Mail, another colleague claimed staff had no idea how Harry contributed to the business. They told the publication when asked what Harry’s day to day responsibilities were, answered: “From what I see I'm going to go with zero things.”

Indeed, Prince Harry’s official staff employee page on the BetterUp website highlights the royal’s other business ventures, while keeping unusually quiet about what duties he would undertake as Chief Impact Officer. The website notes: “Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex is a humanitarian, military veteran, mental wellness advocate, and environmentalist.

“As co-founder of Archewell, he is focused on driving systemic change across all communities through non-profit work as well as creative activations. The mission across Archewell—which currently includes Archewell Foundation, Archewell Productions, and Archewell Audio—is united behind the deeply held belief that compassion is the defining cultural force of the 21st century.”

The site also highlights Harry’s charitable work from previous years - saying he has: “dedicated his life’s work to advancing causes that he is passionate about.” In a statement when Harry's appointment was unveiled, BetterUp declared: "In his role, Prince Harry will guide our social mission, expand our global community, and influence the vision of our member experience, bringing the power of professional and personal growth to people everywhere." While last week, the troubled company announced that 16 percent of its staff was being laid off following months of internal turbulence.

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