Harry was 'never great friends' with William who has always been 'huge rival'

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Prince William and Prince Harry (Image: AP)
Prince William and Prince Harry (Image: AP)

They once appeared to be inseparable brothers whose solid relationship would keep them bonded for life.

But now that illusion has vanished as Princes William and Harry have been locked in a bitter feud for several years now with no signs of icy relations between the pair thawing. And now a royal expert has claimed that the two royal brothers were not even "great friends" and had a fierce rivalry.

It was previously thought that it was around the time Harry started dating wife Meghan Markle that relations with William and sister-in-law Kate started to go sour. And since he and Meghan quit the UK for California, he has certainly lifted the lid on his feud with his brother.

Harry was 'never great friends' with William who has always been 'huge rival' eideziqkeiqhhinvThe two brothers appeared to be close (AFP/Getty Images)

In the controversial Netflix series, Harry claimed William screamed and shouted at him during a meeting while in his memoir Spare, he wrote how the now Prince of Wales attacked him during a confrontation at Kensington Palace. It was a far cry from how the brothers had been portrayed as having a tight bond - especially in the wake of the death of their mother Princess Diana.

But according to royal biographer Ingrid Seward, the brothers have never been close - and that any reunion between them may be "many years" off. Speaking on True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat, she said: "They painted this lovely picture that they were great friends, but they weren’t.

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Harry was 'never great friends' with William who has always been 'huge rival'The brothers with their wives in the aftermath of the late Queen's death (Getty Images)

"There was always huge rivalry between them. They were never really great friends and I can’t see [them coming back together] until maybe many, many years in the future. If disaster struck one or other of them, that would bring them together. But I cannot see it happening [otherwise]."

It's not just William that Harry has an uneasy relationship with - he also has one with his father King Charles and stepmother Queen Camilla. And now it has been reported that he and Meghan are set to be snubbed from commemorations to mark the first anniversary of the Queen's death.

Harry and Meghan are set to be in Europe for the Invictus Games a day after the anniversary, but according to royal sources, they will not join other royals in mourning the late monarch next month. Charles and Camilla are expected to mark the anniversary on September 8 at Balmoral with other members of the family. Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson will be joining the commemorations.

But insiders have claimed that there has not been "any outreach" to Harry and Meghan, who are based in the US but will be in Germany to kick off the Invictus Games 24 hours later. It is believed the Sussexes have not been invited to any public or private commemorations.

An insider told The Sun: "There hasn't been any outreach to them." But a source added: "If they are not included in any of those plans they will find a way to mark the significance in their own way." When the Queen died last year, Harry flew in a private jet alone after William, Andrew, Prince Edward and Sophie, and did not see the monarch before she passed away.

The Royal Beat - available on True Royalty TV.

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