'Ambitious' Meghan Markle will be 'rethinking' her and Prince Harry's next moves

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'Ambitious' Meghan Markle will be 'rethinking' her and Prince Harry's next moves

Meghan Markle may be "rethinking" what her and Prince Harry do next, a marketing professor has suggested - with her suspecting that the former actor will be "making plans."

There has been speculation about what's next for Meghan, 41, and Prince Harry, 38, recently. It's been suggested that she may make an announcement on Friday and there's been rumours that they may pursue more solo projects.

The couple's past projects have included the docuseries Harry & Meghan, which was released on Netflix last year. More recently, Prince Harry's memoir Spare was published in January. Both of those projects prompted some backlash as they were considered to be critical of the Royal Family.

They've not spoken much publicly in the months since then, nor have they been seen together in public much this year. It's now been suggested that Meghan may be keeping a low profile as they reassess their plans.

'Ambitious' Meghan Markle will be 'rethinking' her and Prince Harry's next moves eideziqkeiqhhinvThere's been speculation recently about what's next for Prince Harry (left) and Meghan Markle (right) in their careers (Getty Images)

Speaking to The Express, marketing professor Pauline Maclaran has suggested that Meghan will be "making plans". She added that the former actor is "ambitious" and speculated that she's been taking time to "take stock" lately.

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Professor Maclaran - who's professor of marketing and consumer research at Royal Holloway University in London - told the publication that the couple "probably underestimated" the backlash they would receive, particularly over Spare. She said that although it was a best-seller, it didn't lead to any accolades.

The commentator suggested that the response may have "shocked" the couple. Professor Maclaran said to the outlet that they have since potentially retreated to the point where anything they do say "will get criticised and twisted".

She also took the opportunity to defend Meghan, saying that she has "not done a lot wrong," though she acknowledged that not everyone likes her. Professor Maclaran suggested that it's "ridiculous" the hate that Meghan has received.

'Ambitious' Meghan Markle will be 'rethinking' her and Prince Harry's next movesThe couple's previous projects have included a docuseries for Netflix and he more recently released memoir Spare earlier this year (Getty Images)

She continued: "I'm sure she is just thinking about keeping her head down and rethinking where she and Harry are going. I don't believe she will be staying quiet for long as she is a very ambitious woman. She will be making plans but they are taking this time to take stock to see where they are."

The remarks come amid Meghan and Prince Harry having appeared together in a video update about their Archewell Foundation this week. It was to announce recipients of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund grants.

Recent updates in the couple's careers have included them parting ways with Spotify and not being nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Harry & Meghan. It's also said to be proving "tough" getting upcoming projects off the ground due to the ongoing writer's strike in the US.

It's been speculated that they have "pieces in the pipeline" though, like the documentary Heart of Invictus. It's set to be their latest project with Netflix, which comes following their eponymous show and the docuseries Live to Lead.

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