Meghan Markle has had to 'create new identity' and 'develop new confidence'

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Meghan Markle has had to
Meghan Markle has had to 'create new identity' and 'develop new confidence'

Meghan Markle is said to be "truly happy" with her professional and personal life, so much so that she's ready to take it on without Prince Harry's accompaniment.

Speaking to Mirror, Betfair Bingo's body language expert and author Darren Stanton claimed that the Duchess of Sussex "isn't afraid to attend events without Harry," thanks to her newly developed confidence.

"Meghan Markle has always been a very confident woman. During her career as an actress, she had to be confident in order to get to where she got to. I think there were dips in that level of confidence when she first came to the UK, but predominantly believe that she has always remained confident.

"People have levels of confidence in different contexts, so Meghan was a confident woman in her own right as an actress, but obviously she had to develop her own identity, in terms of being a wife and mother. Obviously, she would never have been attending royal events had she not been with Prince Harry, so I think she’s had to develop a whole new level of confidence, which we can see," Darren explained.

Meghan Markle has had to 'create new identity' and 'develop new confidence' erideuiqtqiqdrinvMeghan shows Harry lots of love and admiration (PA)
Meghan Markle has had to 'create new identity' and 'develop new confidence'Harry is still besotted by Meghan (PA)

He continued his comments, on behalf of Betfair Bingo: "It’s clear that the pair don’t have to be each other’s pockets, which demonstrates a much greater level of confidence, rapport, trust and a deep connection within their relationship," he continued, before adding that while Harry and Meghan venture off to do their own solo projects, there's definitely still sparks flying between the two and that's is clear that the Duke is still "besotted with Meghan."

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“While the pair are happy to have their own solo ventures, when they do get together, we do see sparks flying between them. It’s apparent that Harry is besotted with Meghan. Purely from the way he looks at her proves that he has found his Princess - likewise with Meghan," he told us. "She reciprocates Harry’s emotions in lots of different ways, such as touching his arm or back in public. These are clear tell-tale signs of conveying the emotion of love and admiration.”

Darren's analysis comes after reports revealed that Meghan was looking to "step away" for her husband to work on her projects alone, and is said to have Harry's full and unwavering support in doing so.

The canny career move could see former Suits actress Meghan make millions of dollars for her young family. The cash boost would be very welcome to the couple whose $25million (£20million) deal with Spotify recently collapsed. The unexpected blow of losing the Spotify deal is said to be inspiring the Duchess of Sussex to step away from her husband to establish her own brand and have a solo career separate from Harry.

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