'Fed up' Harry and Meghan have 'extra motivation' to keep family together

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'Fed up' Harry and Meghan have 'extra motivation' to keep family together

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are 'fed up' with the negative speculation surrounding their marriage, a source has claimed.

Nasty rumours have been swirling that suggest their union is on the rocks amid mounting money woes following their break from Spotify. It comes amid a quiet few months for the couple, with some wondering what their next career moves are going to be following reports that they'll focus on separate projects.

But an insider has dismissed any problems between the pair and said Harry in particular is determined to make their new life in America work - and coming from a broken home is 'extra motivation' to keep the family together.

'Fed up' Harry and Meghan have 'extra motivation' to keep family together eidexiqreiqtrinvPrince Harry and Meghan Markle who are parents to Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet (Getty Images)

They told OK!: "The Sussexes' marriage is fine. The reports of a separation stemmed from Harry making a solo trip to Africa, but that's a work trip. It's not a sign of trouble in their marriage.

"Even if there were struggles, Harry would want to make it work. He has invested so much time into their relationship and adores his family. Coming from a broken home himself, that's extra motivation for him to keep his family together."

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Both Harry and Meghan touched on the fact they both have divorced parents in their Netflix series and talked about how they were keen not to replicate what happened with them. Harry said: "What's most important for the two of us is to make sure that we don't repeat the same mistakes that our parents made."

'Fed up' Harry and Meghan have 'extra motivation' to keep family togetherMeghan turns 42 later this week (Getty)

And royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams added: "The fact that they both come from broken homes is a very significant and pivotal part of both Harry and Meghan's make-up." Later this week, Meghan will celebrate her 42nd birthday and it's expected she will mark the occasion by having a quiet day at her family mansion in Montecito, California with Harry, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

And according to PR expert Mayah Riaz, avoiding any drama on the day will be important for Meghan and she that her mum Doria Ragland and the family's pets are also likely to feature in the celebrations. She told the Mirror: "I imagine she is looking forward to celebrations and being treated by Prince Harry. They will possibly be quite toned down this year and likely to be a private affair.

It's quite possible that Meghan will spend the day of her actual birthday at home in Montecito, surrounded by her two children, Prince Harry, possibly her mother Doria and their rescue dogs. Meghan may also choose to celebrate her special day with a small, intimate gathering. This could be with friends at their home or at a restaurant."

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