Woman praised for response after plane passenger puts 'nasty feet' on armrest

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She couldn't believe the woman's audacity (Image: Reddit)

When travelling on public transport, you're expected to follow a set of unwritten rules to prevent discomforting those around you. But it seems not everybody got this memo.

One fed-up woman has been praised for standing up to an entitled passenger who rested her bare feet against her armrest during a five-hour flight. Sharing a photo on Reddit, the pregnant passenger said: “Barely boarded into a five hours flight and this lady snuck her bare feet [on to my armrest] to push my arm off it, why are people so nasty.”

Social media users were suitably outraged by the photo with more than 5,800 of them rushing to shared their disgust and give ideas on how to deal with it. One person wrote: “I’m a laid back person but that’s an immediate stand up, turn around, 'put those things away right now' from me.”

Another user suggested: “Lift the arm rest, pretend like you didn't even notice. Bonus points if her toes get pinched in the process,” while a third Redditor joked: “Pretend to sneeze, while you do it sprinkle some water on her feet, or start sucking them.”

Someone else wrote: “Remind her that she's not in her damned living room... It's okay to tell people when they're being rude and to set boundaries, neighbour!” And another person wrote: “Turn around and tell her to get her stinky feet away. No need to be passive aggressive about this. It's nasty.”

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The woman later revealed: “Thank you all for the solid advice, my arm rest is currently free of nasty toes and I wiped it down. I told her to please not do it again and if she does, I’ll call the flight attendant. And if she doesn’t listen, good thing I have a water bottle in handy.” She later added: “The lady did not apologise, just put her feet down with a b**** face. Lucky for her, I also have a b**** face with pregnancy hormones so two can play this game. Don’t ever let these f*****s get away with this c**p.

The woman gave an update to Redditors revealing that the woman behind didn’t say anything else or try and put her feet back but did kick her chair a bit. Rather than react again she said she simply pushed the seat back for extra comfort.

Eve Wagstaff

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