Dad who spent £75k on tattoos shares 'unrecognisable' picture from 11 years ago

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He's had quote the transformation since 2012 and looks almost unrecognisable (Image: ephemeral_remy/Instagram)

Tattoos are a personal thing, and whether you opt for something small and discreet, or you like to show off your body art loud and proud, everyone has tattoos to their taste. But it's easy to forget what life was like before your permanent inking, especially if you have more than a few on your body.

One tattoo addict - who has spent a whopping £75,000 on his tattoos has shared what he looked like before he covered 96% of his body in ink, and fans have been amazed at his fresh-faced minimally inked body, as he shares he has no intentions to stop any time soon.

Dad who spent £75k on tattoos shares 'unrecognisable' picture from 11 years ago eideziqkeiqhhinvBack in 2012 he had hardly any tattoo's on his face and head (ephemeral_remy/Instagram)
Dad who spent £75k on tattoos shares 'unrecognisable' picture from 11 years agoHe also had longer hair - completely different to the shaved tattooed head he has now (ephemeral_remy/Instagram)

Canadian dad Remy proudly shares his covered body with his impressive 214,000 fans on his Instagram and jokes that his bum was the most painful place to get tatted. Sharing the image of his lesser tattooed body in 2012 he looks almost unrecognisable, with very few tattoos on his face and none on his scalp - something a lot different to his shaved head look nowadays.

Showing quite the transformation, the pictures also show his very different quiff hair-do, a far cry from the shaved and blacked-out inked head he has now. As well as his head, his chest has also had quite the tattoo journey - calling them 'suits', Remy has now had three maybe even four different ones.

Suits are classed as a whole chest tattoo that has been covered by a new tattoo covering - something Remy regularly does, as he is covered head to toe with black-work ink that has been re-tattooed multiple times but his chest currently has a skull inked on and an eye below his nipples.

Customer fumes as tattoo artist selfishly hid their initials in designCustomer fumes as tattoo artist selfishly hid their initials in design

When Remy shared a before and after of getting a new suit, he captioned his photo: "The most hilarious part of this journey has been watching the behaviour of 'doubters' first it's 'you can’t tattoo over black' then it became 'that will only last a week' after that 'show me that in six months!' And then 'I'd like to see it in 10 years!!!' As he proudly shows his transformations, he also shows what he once looked like before it all.

One fan commented on his throwback photo and said: "You made your body your home to live in," with another who praised his look "What a difference between the two photos you look absolutely marvellous."

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