Mum left raging over husband's silly mistake at child's first birthday party

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She took her daughter to the party alone whilst he slept (Stock Photo) (Image: Getty Images)
She took her daughter to the party alone whilst he slept (Stock Photo) (Image: Getty Images)

Every parent wants to make sure their child has a good birthday, especially when it's their first birthday party - pulling out all of the stops to make sure it's a memorable day for the whole family and that the child has a wonderful day.

However, one mum has been left fuming after her husband managed to sleep through the whole day of celebrations they had planned, and had even amended so he could join in due to working away the previous week, but was too tired and hungover to rise from his pillow due to going on a drinking bender the night before.

Sharing her rant on Mumsnet, the angry wife wrote: "Today we planned a small party for my youngest daughter's 1st birthday. We decided to celebrate a few days early as her birthday is midweek and her dad -my husband- works away during the week and was not meant to be home.

"He came home early hours Friday morning and later that evening he decided out of the blue that he was going out with friends for a few hours as being away in a hotel all week gives him "cabin fever". I was okay with this and encouraged him to have a good night, reminding him not to stay out too late or drink too much as we had plans the following afternoon, he agreed and ensured me he'd be home by two at the latest.

"So then three in the morning rolls around and he strolls in, but decides he isn't tired enough for bed so he is going to stay up for "a bit". Fine. Whatever. We have plans for 2pm so he can still get a decent amount of sleep and attend. He ended up going to bed at 10 am this morning and when I woke him at one to say he's got an hour to get ready, he moaned, rolled over and went back to sleep.

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"I tried to wake him several times before just taking our children to his parents, along with the cake I made the night previous and gifts for the party. We have loads of fun at the party and return home around seven. I get the girls to bed and start cleaning the house while he lounges on the sofa watching reruns of a show on Netflix.

"He then says to me "are you going to strop all night?" I said I think I'm allowed to be annoyed that you missed the first birthday celebrations that were planned specifically so you could attend. All he had to say back to me was 'If I'm not tired I can't make myself go to sleep, it's not my fault I slept all day. I feel like I've wasted the day in bed' which to me sounds like 'poor me I'm tired feel bad for me', so my question is am I being unreasonable to be seriously annoyed that he missed the celebrations to spend the day in bed?"

Mums have been quick to reassure that she is not being unreasonable, with many slating his selfishness, as one Mumsnet user wrote: "What is he? 17? What a t**t. Presumably doing drugs hence he couldn't sleep. Seriously consider if you want to be with someone like that before its too late," and another simply said: "Men like this don't change. No man worth his salt would miss his daughter's birthday. Start to prepare mentally to leave this marriage."

Niamh Kirk

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