Woman ends date after making concerning shampoo discovery in bathroom

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The woman wasn
The woman wasn't pleased with what she found (Stock Image) (Image: Getty Images)

Dating can be a seriously tough game. From no-shows to catfishes, there are so many things that could potentially go wrong - but also, you could meet the love of your life, so the allure often outweighs the negativity of it all. We all know what red and green flags are, and they're personal to everybody - what makes the red flag list for one person may not bother another.

But when one woman had been on a date and went back to his house, she made a shocking discovery. She looked horrified, sharing that she wanted to "fake a family emergency and dip" due to what she'd seen. Jordan McNally shared on her TikTok page that she'd been on a date, and "just got to his house", which was where she became concerned.

She said: "I'm in his bathroom, what the f**k is this?", then the video panned to the shower cubicle, which contained a wooden shower stool full of Herbal Essences - 17 bottles of it. In the caption, she wrote: "What does it mean?!?!", then joked that the brand should sponsor him, dubbing it a red flag that he had so many. What's more, each and every bottle was used to some extent.

She zoomed in on the bottles as creepy horror movie music played, and the video then faced her as she said: "I'm about to fake a family emergency and dip", followed by multiple red flag emojis, as she looked mortified by the situation.

In the comments, someone wrote: "I don't understand, someone help." Another joked: "Plot twist: this is actually her bathroom." "Can we get an update?? Cause I cannot come to a reasonable conclusion and I need answers", a TikToker commented. Another user hilariously said: "My dad does this and can confirm he went to Costco and got a stellar deal", followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

'I don't want children staying up late at weekends - I really need adult time' eideziqkeiqhhinv'I don't want children staying up late at weekends - I really need adult time'

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