EA FC 24: release date, new features, Ultimate Team and latest leaks

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EA FC 24: release date, new features, Ultimate Team and latest leaks
EA FC 24: release date, new features, Ultimate Team and latest leaks

EA FC 24 is just weeks away from being released, with EA Sports starting to reveal all regarding the new game.

For the last 30 years, EA Sports has been synonymous with the FIFA name, but after the two parted ways and put an end to their 30-year partnership last year, EA is moving forward with a new game series, EA Sports FC. FIFA 23 is confirmed to be the final instalment of the popular FIFA video game series, with EA now turning all its attention towards EA FC 24, the FIFA 23 replacement as the latter's cycle starts to run down.

July saw EA really start to shift its focus towards EA FC 24, with the publisher rebranding all its social platforms from FIFA to EA FC 24 whilst revealing lots of new features in the new game at a launch event in Amsterdam. Updates have been made on a release date, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Clubs and gameplay, though there's still plenty more to come.

EA FC 24: release date, price and pre-orders

EA has confirmed the official release date for EA FC 24, with the new game becoming available worldwide on September 29, 2023. As expected, EA will be releasing a Standard and Ultimate Edition of the game, and players who pre-order the Ultimate Edition will be granted seven days early access as one of the many pre-order bonuses, meaning you can play EA FC 24 from September 22, 2023.

EA Play members can also access EA FC 24 from September 22, 2023 thanks to the early access trial that is part of the EA Play subscription, though it's only 10 hours of access. The Ultimate Edition doesn't come cheap though, costing £99.99 / $99.99 / AU$149.95 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, which makes it significantly more expensive than the EA FC 24 Standard Edition, which comes in at £69.99 / $69.99 / AU$109.95 on the same consoles and £54.99 / $54.99 / AU$89.95 on Nintendo Switch.

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EA FC 24: official cover star revealed

Kylian Mbappe was the face of FIFA from FIFA 21 to FIFA 23, appearing on three consecutive covers whilst also being joined by Chelsea Women's Sam Kerr in FIFA 23. But, for EA FC 24, EA has opted to move away from the Frenchman and put a new player on centre stage to mark the new era, with Manchester City's Erling Haaland the face of the new game.

Haaland appears solo on the standard cover of the game with the striker lining up a shot, but the Ultimate Edition cover is where things get interesting, with EA selecting a whole new style, putting 30 players on the cover of the game. Haaland remains the main man with the Norwegian dead centre, but surrounding him is a mix of men's and women's players both past and present as their EA FC 24 avatars.

EA FC 24: game modes

EA has confirmed that FIFA fans can expect to see all of their favourite game modes feature in EA FC 24, with some even getting a name change. There are sure to be more modes confirmed in the game at release, but for now, these are all the game modes EA has confirmed for EA FC 24.

  • Kick-Off
  • Tournaments
  • Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode
  • Clubs

EA has opted to rename Pro Clubs as just 'Clubs' in EA FC 24, with most of the community calling it that over the last few years anyway. Ultimate Team obviously remains with it being the most popular game mode, though it appears the abbreviation will now be just 'UT' after losing the FIFA title, though we expect many to continue calling it FUT as a force of habit.

Career Mode will once again consist of a Player and Manager mode, and if you were hoping for an online Career Mode, tough luck. It will not be coming in EA FC 24, though it may be coming in the future!

EA FC 24: gameplay

HyperMotion V is the new HyperMotion technology for EA FC 24, a huge upgrade on HyperMotion 2.0 in FIFA 23. Rather than using body motion capture suits with players from the lower divisions of Spain, EA has used volumetric video capture to go from capturing data in two games of football to 183 across the highest levels. In total, EA has 1.3 billion frames of data to make the game as realistic as possible.

The new HyperMotion technology means that EA can now replicate real-life moments from games over the last 12 months to make gameplay look extremely realistic. There's also been a bunch of other updates to EA FC 24 gameplay using HyperMotion V, including the introduction of precision passing, Controlled Dribble Sprint, Effort Dribble Touch, Responsive Shooting and improved ball physics.

Another new addition is PlayStyles, replacing the traits system from FIFA 23. 34 PlayStyles will be introduced in six different categories, with these PlayStyles giving players specific advantages in-game.

For example, players with the Speed Dribbler PlayStyle will feel more agile than others, while players with the Trickster PlayStyle are able to pull off flicks and feints that other players cannot. These PlayStyles can be used across all game modes and can be applied to players in Ultimate Team as well as your Pro in Clubs.

EA FC 24: Ultimate Team

A whole host of new features will be introduced in Ultimate Team this year, but the pick of the bunch is the addition of women's players in the popular game mode. Both men and women will be combined in UT, with this addition adding a whole new pool of players to add to your squad.

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Another new feature is Evolutions. This new addition allows you to put any player of your choice into an Evolution path every UT season, and by completing Objectives you can upgrade the player's stats and ratings throughout the UT calendar. For example, you could put Alejandro Garnacho into Evolutions and over the course of the game, the low-rated item could end up in the 90s.

Position change modifiers will no longer exist in EA FC 24 UT with players now automatically changing position, Icons will now give every player a +1 chemistry point making them much more appealing again, the new PlayStyles can be applied to certain TOTW items, and as always, a host of new Hero items will be entering UT, with 19 confirmed so far.

EA FC 24: Player ratings leaked

EA hasn't officially confirmed any player ratings for EA FC 24 yet, but it does appear that they might have accidentally revealed a handful, including a 91-rated Kylian Mbappe and a downgraded 88-rated Virgil van Dijk amongst others.

In the Career Mode deep dive trailer, EA showcased a few different squads with player ratings, but unlike past FIFA trailers where EA use player ratings from the previous game, these were different, meaning they could be the ratings for EA FC 24.

In the trailer, we saw player ratings for 24 Bayer Leverkusen players, 19 Liverpool players, 11 Paris Saint-Germain players, seven Newcastle United players and three Tottenham players, with some surprising changes being made to some big names.

EA FC 24: Career Mode

There were loads of rumours circulating about an online Career Mode being introduced in EA FC 24, but this will not be happening, with EA confirming this in its Career Mode deep dive. But, a number of new features have been added for the new game, with a standout being the new tactical visions system in Manager Career Mode.

Rather than using the custom tactics in team management, you can now select a tactical vision for your squad to learn and play, whilst also hiring coaches who can help improve the system and player development. There are seven tactical visions in total, with the likes of Tiki Taka, Gegenpressing, Park the Bus and more included.

There's also a new manager spectating system, so you can now watch your team play from a collection of different camera angles which even include a touchline POV, just like you are the manager in real life. It's a big improvement on the current spectating system in FIFA 23, and you can also make tactical changes during the game which is pretty cool.

In Player Career Mode, players will now have an agent who will help them work their way to the top by setting them targets and objectives that can get them to their dream club. Rather than leaving your pro's future to the algorithm, you can choose the team you want to join, and your agent will do what they can to make it happen.

There are a bunch of new animations and cut-scenes including open-top bus parades at the end of the season, insight into the changing room and even a Ballon d'Or ceremony.

EA FC 24: Clubs

Clubs, previously called Pro Clubs, is finally getting Crossplay, with EA confirming this at the EA FC 24 launch event. This a feature that fans have been crying out for, it's great to see EA listen to feedback and add this to the game.

There's been an update to the league system to keep the game mode more competitive with the new structure similar to Division Rivals in Ultimate Team, with relegation being scrapped altogether and the league updating every five weeks. Another new addition is Club Identity, where your club will upgrade both on and off the pitch the more you play.

EA FC 24: closed beta

As we approach the release of EA FC 24, we expect that EA will release its closed beta in the coming days, allowing players to play the game early and provide feedback to EA so the game is at its best when released worldwide. We expect that the EA FC 24 closed beta could go live on or around August 10, 2023, with codes being sent out in two batches with the first batch expected very soon.

There's no way to guarantee yourself a code to access the closed beta, but there are some steps you can follow to give yourself the best chance.

EA FC 24: licenses

EA has confirmed EA FC 24 will have. more than 19,000+ players, 700+ teams, 100+ stadiums and 30 leagues, putting minds to ease after some questioned how authentic the game would be after losing the FIFA license.

The publisher's exclusive partnerships include the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, UEFA, South America's CONMEBOL, and many more, whilst there will also be 115 authentic football stadiums to use in-game. There's still no word on if Barcelona will be licensed in EA FC 24 after the Spanish side's partnership with Konami came to an end, but at this stage, it's not looking likely.

EA FC 24: trailers

EA has started to roll out its deep dive trailers for EA FC 24, providing fans with detailed updates on different features in the new game. So far, we have received a gameplay and Career Mode deep dive trailer, with Ultimate Team, presentation and Clubs all set to receive a deep dive trailer in August.

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