Lucy Beale's death on EastEnders - what happened and why Bobby killed her

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Lucy Beale
Lucy Beale's death on EastEnders - what happened and why Bobby killed her

EastEnders' Bobby Beale is once again forced to face his past in new scenes on the BBC soap, and there will no doubt be more of this to come. Cindy Beale was recently confirmed to be returning to the show, so will she confront her daughter's killer?

Bobby has feelings for newcomer Anna Knight on the show, and he decides to tell her what he did to his sister back in 2014. Of course, they have no idea that Anna is the sister of Lucy, as they share the same mother. Anna doesn't know that her mother Rose Knight is in fact Cindy and that Bobby, while they aren't related, shares a sister with her.

So will she think differently about Bobby's actions once she realises it was her half-sister who was killed? What actually happened to Lucy in 2014?

Viewers who watched back then will know there was a massive whodunnit when Lucy was found dead in the woods. It was confirmed she was murdered, and a list of suspects were formed. The story actually ran on for around two years, while fans learned the killer's identity in a huge episode in 2015.

The shocking revelation saw flashbacks to the moments Lucy faced her killer and was murdered, before her body was discovered by another family member. Bobby, who was around 11 years old at the time, was announced as Lucy's killer.

EastEnders' Jake Wood's snap of son has fans pointing out the pair's likeness eideziqkeiqhhinvEastEnders' Jake Wood's snap of son has fans pointing out the pair's likeness
Lucy Beale's death on EastEnders - what happened and why Bobby killed herEastEnders' Bobby Beale will recall his sister Lucy's murder (BBC/Jack Barnes)

He killed his sister by accident, and actually somehow didn't realise what he had done. Flashbacks confirmed that Lucy was sitting in the living room writing a note to her dad Ian Beale when Bobby disturbed her.

Lucy had been struggling recently and had turned to drugs, while she also made an enemy of a number of residents. Lucy was trying to make amends, but when she told young Bobby to go back to sleep he got angry, believing she was being mean to him again.

Bobby picked up her jewellery box which she stored her drugs in, and he struck her over the head, killing her instantly. Lucy fell to the floor, only to be discovered by her stepmother Jane Beale shortly after. As she found the body, Bobby eerily stepped out from the shadows still holding the weapon, claiming Lucy "had started it" in terms of their row.

Following this he seemed to have no idea Lucy was dead, while Jane moved the body to the woods and covered her stepson's tracks. The next day Lucy was found and a murder investigation was launched, and Bobby had no clue he was the killer they were looking for.

A year after fans found out Bobby was the killer, he too realised what he'd done after Dennis Rickman Jr overheard a conversation about it and spilled the beans. Bobby began lashing out, violently attacking both Dennis and Jane before he confessed to Lucy's murder and handed himself in to the police.

Since then, Bobby has been released and he moved back to Walford in 2019. He has been haunted by his crime ever since and shows remorse for his actions, devastated that he killed his sister. He confesses to Anna in upcoming scenes that he struggles to talk about his sister - but he may well have to soon when Lucy's mother rocks up in Walford.

EastEnders airs Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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