'My partner's family booked a holiday with my kids - but left me out'

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Even though they don
Even though they don't get along, the mum thinks she should have been invited (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

Booking family trips can feel like a real headache. Trying to decide where to go, choosing accommodation everyone will enjoy, packing the right clothes - the to-do list is never-ending.

But how would you feel if your partner's family booked a getaway with your kids and other half, despite knowing you couldn't attend? One mum was left reeling after her in-laws decided to plan a trip without her, as she argues it's "inappropriate' and 'rude".

Admitting her relationship with her spouse's family recently "deteriorated", the mum couldn't get over the secret planning, devastated that the family holiday involved everyone but her - including her young kids.

Asking for advice on what to do in her situation, the mum explained on Mumsnet: "I'm from another country, my partner is from England. We used to live in London, but shortly before our children were born we moved out of London so we could buy a house.

"We settled near to his family; after our children were born the relationship between me and my partner's family deteriorated. I found MIL very overbearing and after a few intense situations, I have limited contact with her and they see the children weekly."

Mum's touching gesture to young son who died leaves Morrisons shopper in tears eidexiqreiqtrinvMum's touching gesture to young son who died leaves Morrisons shopper in tears

The mum explained that she wasn't able to book any annual leave, so if she wanted to join she wouldn't have been able to anyway, but she still thinks it's inappropriate they have booked it expecting her family to attend with no mention of the trip to her.

She added: "I used up all my holiday for visiting my home country with my partner and children and have no holiday left for this year, I work part time three days during the week and every Saturday. My partner's family, his parents, sister and her partner have booked a caravan holiday next weekend and my partner and children are expected to attend.

"There has been no mention of me attending, I'm working on Saturday and can't book any time off and my partner is more than capable of looking after the children, however I feel sad and don't think it's appropriate to book a holiday for my children [who are] both under five, without me being there…Am I over reacting or you think this is ok?"

One Mumsnet user suggested it was a good thing, as they wrote: "In your situation I would think that is a win. The kids get a holiday with family and you get some time in the house on your own when you've finished work." The mum simply replied: "I expect to be invited, as I think it's rude to not be asked."

Others couldn't see why the woman was upset, as one asked: "Well if you've limited contact with her why would she want you to come on her holiday?"

Another added: "You don't like your in-laws and you're working anyway. Why on earth would you expect to be asked?"

Niamh Kirk

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