Katie Price 'moves out of Mucky Mansion to spend time with Carl Woods'

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Katie Price
Katie Price 'moves out of Mucky Mansion to spend time with Carl Woods'

Katie Price has reportedly moved out of her beloved Mucky Mansion to spend some quality time with her on-off partner, Carl Woods. The former glamour model, 45, has dedicated the last two years of her life renovating her famous home in Sussex and even filmed the transformation for her Channel 4 show, Mucky Mansion.

However, it's believed that mum-of-five Katie is now spending more time at her beau Carl's home in Essex as the pair attempt to work on their relationship after splitting up more than once since last year. Katie and Carl, 34, are currently living it up in luxury, but neighbours of the former Love Island star have seen Katie spending more time around Essex in recent weeks.

TV star Katie is reportedly making use of Carl's spacious back garden as his next-door neighbours have seen the star hard at work filming some of her famous TikTok's and taking Instagram photos as an insider told: "She’s living there part time – you can see the house’s distinctive conservatory in the background of some of her TikToks and live streams.

"She moved in before their Ibiza trip but nobody knows why as she’s talked so much about the Mucky Mansion’s makeover and how it’s worth £2m. Carl’s cars are on the drive and neighbours have seen them both at the house," the source added to The Daily Star.

Katie Price 'moves out of Mucky Mansion to spend time with Carl Woods' rriddqixxiqezinvKatie Price has reportedly temporarily moved out of her beloved Mucky Mansion (Channel 4)

Katie and Carl's romance appears to be better than ever after the former glamour model decided to split her time between her Mucky Mansion and Carl's not-so-humble Essex pad. And given that Katie has flown off on her sixth holiday this year alongside her beau Carl, it appears that thing between the pair are better than ever following their split earlier this year.

Katie Price and Danielle Lloyd 'bury the hatchet' after documentary feudKatie Price and Danielle Lloyd 'bury the hatchet' after documentary feud

While on her latest getaway, Katie has been showing off her brand-new look, after the mum-of-five recently treated herself to a whole new face – including a nose job, cheek fillers, and a lip lift. However, it seems like there is no stopping Katie, as she is reportedly considering having one of her ribs removed in order to create a smaller waist and allow her to imitate the image of a Barbie doll.

The Channel 4 star has undergone various surgical procedures over the years in pursuit of her own particular brand of beauty. Fans have seen her breasts balloon in size, and be reduced, as she has undergone a reported 16 boob jobs.

While she has also had work done to her face with lip filler injections, nose jobs, and face lifts – and has also undergone liposuction and bum lift procedures. But now Katie is said to be planning one of her most dangerous procedures; the removal of a rib in order to cinch in her waistline.

Katie Price 'moves out of Mucky Mansion to spend time with Carl Woods'Katie and Carl are back on after their recent split (Instagram)
Katie Price 'moves out of Mucky Mansion to spend time with Carl Woods'Katie Price is said to be considering rib removal to achieve the body shape she covets (Instagram/@katieprice)

A source told new! magazine: "Katie trawls Russian plastic surgery sites to look at other women and for inspiration. That’s where she gets the idea of what she thinks is perfection. She’s always wanted a tiny waist that nips in perfectly to give her curves. She’s considering lower rib removal to get this desired look."

The source continued: "Katie describes herself as having long legs and a short body. The whole Barbie doll look is a trend she wants to be a part of… she basically wants to look like a plastic doll. I think she’ll do whatever it takes and at any cost."

The publication also consulted a Harley Street doctor, who expressed concerns about Katie’s rib removal plans – warning no doctor in the UK would perform such a high risk surgery. The medical expert highlighted that the lower rib is connected to the spine and is specifically designed to protect internal organs. He warns performing a surgery to remove that bone could lead to a risk of internal organs – like the lungs – becoming punctured by such a procedure. The Mirror has contacted a representative of Katie for comment.

Katie has been very open about the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone in the past – having travelled as far afield as Belgium and Turkey to get work done. She recently had rhinoplasty surgery to reshape her nose, but she confessed to her fans online that she was not happy with the final result, saying she 'looked a bit weird'.

The Mirror has reached out to Katie's representatives for comment on this story.

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