Samsung's added a free football channel World Cup fans won't want to miss

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Watching the Lionesses games just got a whole lot cheaper (Image: Samsung Newsroom)
Watching the Lionesses games just got a whole lot cheaper (Image: Samsung Newsroom)

There's just under an hour until the Lionesses face The Steal Roses in their final group game of the FIFA Women's World Cup, as England takes on China for the first time in eight years. As tensions build, a new offering from Samsung has just made it a whole lot easier to watch the kick-off, and it's completely free.

The Galaxy brand has added FIFA+ to its list of channels on Samsung TV Plus as the tech firm continues to strive towards adding more sport to its free content line-up, making it a huge asset for those engrossed in the current fixtures which is being jointly hosted by New Zealand and Australia.

  • Anyone with a Samsung device can tune into the FIFA Women's World Cup

It means that after the match viewers can watch the highlights from the games for absolutely free as well as dip into an archive full of every FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women's World Cup match ever recorded. The only catch is you need a Samsung device and no, it doesn't have to be a TV.

As long as your device is fitted with Android 8.0 or higher, any device that's been released between now and 2017 will give you access to the content. If you've just dropped hundreds on one of the brand's flagship Z Range smartphones or the new Galaxy Tab S9 this will be a feature, although you won't be able to watch it until the devices are shipped ahead of the launch on August 11.

How to watch?

Samsung TV Plus is the brand's 'go-to' source for free entertainment as it comes built into any new device whether it's one of its new flagship Z Flip 5 smartphones, a Galaxy Tab S9 and older devices like the Z Flip 4 and S22 smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S23 we got hands-on with the new Samsung S23 Ultra, 23+ and S23 eideziqkeiqhhinvSamsung Galaxy S23 we got hands-on with the new Samsung S23 Ultra, 23+ and S23

Of course, it is featured on Samsung's TV, whether it's the newest 8K models, 4K smart TVs or the brand's signature Frame Tv.

As well as the World Cup the free streaming site is filled with movies, TV shows and other global sporting events.

Richard Jakeman, head of business development at Samsung Electronics Europe said: "Samsung is delighted to be adding the FIFA+ channel to Samsung TV Plus, thereby expanding the roster of sports content available on Samsung TVs and Galaxy devices.

“Launching globally with a rich lineup of curated FIFA+ content will add incredible value to our customers, and with the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ continuing, they’ll also be able to experience content that marks the next exciting chapter in the Women’s game.”

Samsung devices on which you can watch FIFA Womens World Cup

You can see a full list of the brand's compatible devices on its site, and it may be worth it if yours is listed.

As multiple tablets and different smartphones are included we've rounded up a few which've caught our eye, especially if you don't currently have a Samsung device.

  • The Galaxy Z Flip4
  • The Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Galaxy S23 range
  • Galaxy Tab S8 range

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