Derrick Henry delivers another brutal stiff arm before staring down NFL opponent

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Derrick Henry rag dolled Rayshawn Jenkins on Saturday
Derrick Henry rag dolled Rayshawn Jenkins on Saturday

Tennessee Titans running-back Derrick Henry has added another savage stiff arm to his growing highlight reel, with Rayshawn Jenkins now on the receiving end of his power.

Henry is not your average running-back, standing at 6'3 and weighing in at around 245 pounds, which makes him an absolute force when he gets going. He continues to dominate for the Titans, and there's a reason why has the most rushing yards in the NFL since 2018.

The running-back has developed a tendency to throw his opponents to the floor, with even some of the biggest defenceman unable to stop him making progress. Jenkins is his latest victim, and Henry stared down the Jacksonville Jaguars star after sending him to the turf.

Jenkins didn't dare make eye-contact with Henry, who stared at his opponent like prey. It was a chilling moment, but Jenkins isn't alone as many have fallen to Henry's arm before.

However, despite Henry's efforts it has not been the best of seasons for the Titans, who managed to clinch the AFC last time out. And despite the savage stiff arm, it was Jenkins who had the last laugh.

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During the 2021/22 season they clinched the AFC conference with a 12-5 record, pipping both Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills to the number one seed.

And it looked like the Titans would walk the AFC South again, but a brutal run of six-straight defeats meant that they let the Jaguars back into contention. Both teams entered Week 18 with a chance of making the playoffs, setting up for a tense encounter as they met in a decisive divisional game.

But it was the Jaguars that won the game 20-16, winning the AFC South, and clinching a playoff spot in the process as they handed the Titans a seventh-straight defeat. The Titans have been worse off this season than the last campaign, even though Henry has had more of an impact. Henry only played eight games last year as injury kept him out towards the end, but he still managed to score 10 touchdowns.

Henry has 13 touchdowns this year in 16 games played, all of them rushing. He's been targeted more frequently this season as he's recorded a career-high in receptions, but he hasn't scored a receiving touchdown since 2019.

But when you can rush like that, why bother - at least that's what offensive coordinator Todd Downing seems to think. The stiff arm has always been a move, but Henry has become famous for it, and he's proud of his reputation.

In an interview in November, he addressed the stiff arm as he said: "Stiff arm, I've been doing it for so long. Probably been the highlight of my career."

However, even Henry sometimes feels bad about doing it, despite showing no emotion when slamming his opponents.

"Sometimes (I feel bad), but at the end of the day it's football," Henry added. "It's just business so nothing personal."

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