Driver slammed as 'immature' for windscreen wiper prank on badly parked car

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One driver took petty revenge (Stock Image) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
One driver took petty revenge (Stock Image) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

When you're parking your car, you'll want to have a level of consideration for others to ensure that others can park with ease as well as you. You'll adjust your car to make sure you're within the white lines, pop your mirrors in to ensure you're streamlined, and make sure you can open your door without scratching the neighbouring car. It sounds like a difficult task, but it's not when you get used to it.

But one woman was left fuming when she was in a car park with "quite tight parking", explaining a situation without attributing who was who in the scenario, asking people of Mumsnet to determine which one was the "a**hole" in the situation.

They wrote: "Small car park. Quite tight parking. A car is touching but not over the white line. The owner of the car parked next to that car decides to pull forward the card wipers and push in the wing mirrors. Who's the d**khead here - the person parked on the white line or the person who messed with another person's car?"

The original poster was one of the aforementioned people in the car park - but she didn't mention which, allowing people of Mumsnet to make their minds up on who was in the wrong. "The car wipers I think...An immature response certainly!", someone said. Another disagreed, commenting: "The person who can't park centrally in a tight car parking spot."

"Pushing the wing mirrors in is a sensible idea if it's tight. Windscreen wipers is a little childish though", a mum added. Someone shared: "I don't think anyone is unreasonable to push in someone else's car mirror to avoid it getting damaged if that's the last spot in the car park and the other person had to get in there.

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"I do think it's absolutely hilarious that someone would get so worked up about someone else's parking that they would do it on purpose and pull out the windscreen wipers. I'd feel very sorry for them because imagine having to live with yourself with that amount of rage! I find the pompous perfect car parkers that get enraged funny."

Another person said: "I've pushed the mirrors in on cars before when someone has parked too close. I'm sure they'd rather I did that than scraped them. Never done anything to wipers though!"

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