Matt Tebbutt takes swipe at James Martin after 'bullying' allegations

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Saturday Kitchen
Saturday Kitchen's Matt Tebbutt shared a cheeky video to his Instagram page earlier today (Image: Instagram)

Matt Tebbutt appears to have made a subtle dig at James Martin following the recent allegations of workplace 'bullying and intimidating behaviour' against his fellow TV chef. The Saturday Kitchen star took to Instagram on Friday afternoon to share a hilarious video of him baking with Michaela Jane Bowles, who works behind-the-scenes of the popular BBC cookery show as a director.

In the short clip, Tebbutt can be seen making 'no-churn ice cream' in a plush kitchen while his colleague 'scolds' him on camera. "Once again, it's mess, mess," she tells the camera, before ordering Tebbutt to be "careful" and warning him that he'll "put sugar all over my hob." Clearly aware that Bowles' stern instructions are in jest, the 49-year-old culinary whiz simply laughs along to the rant.

Matt Tebbutt takes swipe at James Martin after 'bullying' allegations eidexiqreiqtrinvMatt Tebbutt appears to have made a sly dig at James Martin in his latest Instagram post
Matt Tebbutt takes swipe at James Martin after 'bullying' allegationsMichaela Jane Bowles, who works behind the scenes on Saturday Kitchen, pretends to Matt in the clip

Tebbutt captioned the video, "Is this bullying in the workplace?", which seems to be a cheeky swipe at James Martin. One of the chef's followers commented on the post shared to Tebbutt's Instagram page: "On a scale of what, zero to James Martin?" Another added: "I don’t think either you or James would bully anyone so no need for the comment really. Have fun tomorrow x."

British chef Martin, who also starred on Saturday Kitchen before leaving in 2016, hit headlines in July after leaked audio exposed him for swearing 42 times at his staff during a furious workplace rant. In the angry tirade, which occurred while filming one of Martin's shows in 2018, the TV personality is heard berating crew over a blocked drain at his home.

"I am absolutely furious, beyond belief. It’s my home, it’s my house. It’s my f**ing house. Nobody listens, nobody f**king listens do they. I will not put up with this, this is b*llocks," he allegedly said. "A driveway that cost me £26,000 is f**ked because somebody put a load of oil in the f**king bin that’s now dripped everywhere and f**king ruined my driveway. If this was somebody’s house you would end up with a massive bill. People would get fired and rightly so, if this was working for Endemol your arse would be f**king fried."

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Matt Tebbutt takes swipe at James Martin after 'bullying' allegationsChef James Martin allegedly berated TV crew in a leaked audio (ITV)

"Senior members of our staff will get f**king fired because I‘m sick of it," he continued. "I’m sick of being treated like a f**king piece of sh*t. Get in first thing in the morning, last thing at night, first there, last to go, I’m sick of it. I do it because I’m 100 per cent professional so everybody else do the f**king same."

ITV launched an internal investigation following the release of the audio, which was obtained by the Sun. Martin responded to the UK tabloid with a lengthy statement, apologizing for his actions and explaining that he had been under a lot of stress, including a recent face cancer diagnosis, when the incident took place.

He also revealed that his home had been burgled the previous year, only to then be flooded shortly before production on his Saturday Morning show began. "I can only say I am human and following a build-up of personal life pressure, I admit that I overreacted regarding the damage to my home," Martin added.

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