Love Island's Kady confronted by Mitch in awkward video as he brands her 'messy'

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Love Island
Love Island's Kady confronted by Mitch in awkward video as he brands her 'messy'

Love Island's two-time contestant Kady McDermott was confronted by Mitchel Taylor in an awkward Instagram live session with fans. The reality TV star was dumped from the villa after she made a return to the series this year.

Kady, who first starred in season two of the hit ITV2 show, was dumped last month and hasn't been keeping her opinions to herself since. Last week she branded Mitch a "Love Island superfan" on the Heat Dates podcast. She said: "He’s being smart. Mitch studied every series of Love Island. He even said to me he wants to be a memorable character."

Mitch decided to address Kady's comments as they appeared in an Instagram live together with fellow former Islander Leah Taylor. He warned: "You wait until my podcast and then I'll return the smoke." Whilst Kady hit back: "I've not done anything to you so I don't really get it?"

Love Island's Kady confronted by Mitch in awkward video as he brands her 'messy' rriddqikeiqtkinvMitch and Kady had a heated chat on a live video with fans (Instagram)
Love Island's Kady confronted by Mitch in awkward video as he brands her 'messy'Zach branded Kady a 'retired pocket rocket' in another video (Instagram)

"You have! You said you need to keep me at arm's reach... I'm a superfan - I've never watched a series in my life," Mitch replied. "I didn't even know who you were when you came in! That were out of order that." In response Kady said: "There's nothing wrong with that!" Mitch shot back: "There's a lot wrong with that when it's not true and you just said it."

Kady quipped: "But I got told you applied four series in a row so I just thought you were a fan." Mitch interrupted adding "also false" as Kady continued: "But someone who works from Love Island told me this but I don't care Mitch, you know I don't give a s**t, I think you're great."

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The pair continued to go back and forth with each other, which resulted in Leah butting in to try and keep the peace. Mitch added: "I'm only winding you up but I will respond to the podcast." Kady said: "It's not even like I don't like anyone, I actually love everyone. But if people ask me questions like 'who was the messiest?' or whatever I just answer them. Honestly, it doesn't mean that it's right it's just my opinion."

Mitch continued: "It is mental how much you've been on smoke I can't lie... Mmm, no stress. Don't you worry about it." The pair seemed to put their differences aside as he then went on to ask what Kady and Leah were up to. However, Mitch clearly hadn't put it behind him as he later joined another live video with Zachariah Noble and George Fensom.

Zach took a dig at Kady saying: "This retired pocket rocket has been saying quite a bit", as Mitch scoffed: "She's been messy, she's been making me look clean! She's roasting everyone." Zach continued: "I can't even bro I'm not going to deal with it. Each to their own. We've all left this gaffe, I'm very happy with how I left."

Mitch then informed him: "She said you were c**p at basketball", as Zach responded: "Bro, she can say what she likes. I wish that woman nothing but the best and it's all good man. I got no time for her, zero time, zero energy." To Zach and Mitch's surprise, George – who left the villa on day five – piped up: "I got beef at the reunion. I actually can't say on this live but I've genuinely got some drama. You might as well call me an iron because I ain't creasing at this!"

Kady teased the upcoming reunion will be "fun", as she confessed her shock over Molly's reaction to her leaving the villa to Maya Jama. She explained: "I got on so well with Molly, she did my hair, she wore my bikinis, there was no drama. At the end of the day she is six or seven years younger than me. I can't beef a 21 year old. But then when she's smirking and saying I'm so glad she left, I can't wait to see the back of her... she wouldn't dare say that if I was in there so I was like, 'Ok you're wearing my bikini while cussing me, fair play'."

Maya joked: "So the reunion is gonna be fun isn't it," Kady added: "So fun, so fun. It was such a shock because genuinely, we got on really well. I wanted to be friends with her and we did get on well... I thought we were fine but..."

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