Dan Wootton suspended from role after investigation into 'serious allegations'

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Dan Wootton suspended from role after investigation into
Dan Wootton suspended from role after investigation into 'serious allegations'

GB News star Dan Wootton has been suspended from his role at MailOnline following a string of "serious allegations".

The broadcaster, who writes a column for the outlet, has faced weeks of allegations including claims he paid for video footage of people carrying out sexual activities. It's also alleged he used a false name to get hold of sexually compromising images of others.

Wootton's ex-partner took to Twitter last month to claim the journalist - who used to work at The Sun and on ITV's Lorraine and now GB News - had used a pseudonym 'Martin Branning' to carry out his actions.

This included allegedly offering thousands of pounds for videos of themselves engaging in sexual activities. Last month, while opening his show, he admitted to making "errors of judgement in the past" but went on to strenuously deny the allegations made against him.

The presenter and journalist also said he has "regrets" during the on-air statement, in which he claimed the criminal allegations being made against him are "simply untrue".

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In a statement, DMG Media who own MailOnline confirmed he had been suspended from his position. They said: "We are continuing to consider a series of allegations which Dan Wootton – who has written columns for MailOnline since 2021 as one of several outside freelance contributors – has strenuously denied.

"The allegations are obviously serious but also complex and historic and there is an independent investigation under way at the media group which employed him during the relevant period. In the meantime, his freelance column with MailOnline has been paused."

Last month, News UK, the parent company of The Sun drafted in lawyers to deal with the allegations made against the New Zealand born broadcaster. It was reported that staff who wished to share any information would be dealt with "in confidence" and counselling was also offered to those affected.

Dan Wootton suspended from role after investigation into 'serious allegations'Dan Wootton has been suspended from his position at MailOnline (GB NEWS)

Since the allegations began to come to light, he launched a public plea and asked his social media followers to donate money towards his legal bills. Currently, his campaign which has a target of £150,000 has raised £38,135. Alongside a donation box, he wrote: "A hard left blog is on a deranged campaign of harassment designed to destroy me financially, mentally and professionally – but, with your help, they will not succeed.

"Byline Times has eschewed all journalistic, legal and moral practices to publish a series of defamatory and untrue claims as part of a highly politicised witch hunt designed to cancel and de-platform me. Byline have already come for the likes of the Free Speech Union, the Legatum Institute, GB News and Douglas Murray who received substantial damages for their lies. Now they and others want to silence me."

On July 17, Dan opened his show on GB News just after Byline Times published several allegations were made against him. In the initial report, the newspaper claimed that they had seen "extensive evidence" to prove that over ten years, Dan had posed as Branning and offered up to £30,000 "tax-free" to his alleged targets – claims he denies.

Addressing the claims, Wootton said: "As you probably don’t know, because you’re not insane enough to pay attention to the cesspit of social media, these past few days I have been the target of a smear campaign by nefarious players with an axe to grind. Notably, by an ex-partner who I was previously abused by – something I have never spoken about publicly before, by the way ­– who has been on a campaign to destroy my life."

He went on to subsequently claim his ex-partner threatened him following their split and that the police "are now investigating" the allegations. The Kiwi continued: "He has created an untrue story about me and appears to have been working with an organisation who are intent on closing this channel, whose reporters include a convicted phone hacker. The Guardian has also reported it tonight. What a surprise. Other unspeakable slurs have been made by a convicted extortionist I have never even met who has a long history of blackmailing gay men and was sent to jail for a number of years by a judge who said his behaviour was 'compulsive' and provided a 'high risk' to the public.

"I, like all fallible humans, have made errors of judgement in the past, but the criminal allegations being made against me are simply untrue. I would like nothing more than to address these spurious allegations. I could spend the next two hours doing so but, on the advice of my lawyers, I cannot comment further. But I have been thinking much over the past few days about the current state of social media, where any allegation can be made in an attempt to get someone cancelled but it is impossible to defend yourself against thousands of trolls. Being in the middle of this witch hunt has made me think about the sort of journalist and broadcaster I aspire to be, one focused on the massive political threats facing this country, not on personal attacks."

The Mirror has approached GB News for comment on Wootton's future with the network.

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