Meghan and Harry show signs of 'potential tension' in new video, says expert

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Meghan and Harry show signs of
Meghan and Harry show signs of 'potential tension' in new video, says expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry broke their wall of silence on Wednesday as they shared a joint video and seemingly squashed any split rumours.

The past few months has seen speculation that there was a strain on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's relationship, but they shared a united front in their latest showing. The duo appeared in an Archewell video update, uploaded to their site, to congratulate the lucky members of the The Archewell Foundation on their award as members of the Youth Power Fund advisory committee.

The chosen innovators and campaigners had been awarded a total of $2 million to support their efforts in building a better online world, and Harry and Meghan congratulated them via phone call. However, despite appearing to be all well and "full of smiles", a body language expert believes the clip showed "potential tension" between the married couple.

Meghan and Harry show signs of 'potential tension' in new video, says expert eideziqkeiqhhinvMeghan and Harry released a new video on Wednesday (Vimeo/rtyouthpower)

Judi James told the Mirror: "Harry and Meghan are so full of smiles in this clip that they look like excited parents hunched over the phone, taking their first call from a child who has left home for uni. Harry in particular seems to be pulling out all the non-verbal stops in a bid to look engaged, excited and proud of the young people he’s hearing from."

She revealed how the couple were seemingly "still pulling off the double act brand" in the clip. However, she claimed any brand changes were noticeable in their body language, claiming Harry's persona changed as the clip went on.

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Judi continued: "Sitting close with the phone held between them they change poses several times, with Harry evolving from a rather submissive, high-voiced ‘Hi’ at the start to taking over the phone and sitting with a leg and one elbow splay as he tells the caller in a more assertive tone that ‘This is exactly why we do what we do.’ His beaming smiles drop at one point as he listens to a mention of mental health, sucking his lips in and chewing at his lower lip in a gesture of seriousness and concern.

Meghan and Harry show signs of 'potential tension' in new video, says expertJudi James discussed the pair's body language (Vimeo/rtyouthpower)

"He also seems to glance across at Meghan a couple of times as he talks but we’re not shown her employing her signature levels of eye contact and adoring face-gazing on Harry. There is no touch between them shown in this clip and no mutual glances shown, either. At one point Meghan is looking down listening to the caller and her eyes seem to start to scan upward but her gaze drops again before reaching Harry’s eyes."

Judi says that the potential way the clip has been cut could be to ensure the focus was on the young leaders and not themselves, but claimed it could also be that the pressure of any speculation or a desire to keep clear of drama has also made them opt for such poses.

She concluded: "There are small signs of potential tension. Meghan’s profile smile shows a muscle working in her cheek and a slight lower jaw jut while Harry is at one point holding onto the back of the seat with one hand."

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