'I hate my daughter's tattoo idea - it's her body but she's making a mistake'

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The mum isn
The mum isn't a fan of her daughter's tattoo plan (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

Getting a tattoo can be a big commitment for some people, as the ink is likely to be on your skin for the rest of your life and it can take a lot of time to decide exactly what drawing you want and where you want it. And while tattoos are still frowned upon by some people, it's your body and your choice what you do with it.

That's the struggle one mum is trying to come to terms with right now after her 19-year-old daughter told her she plans on getting her entire leg tattooed. The mum explained she wants her daughter to have agency over her own body and knows the tattoo is her choice, but has said she feels "a bit sad about it" as she worries the teenager could end up regretting it when she's older.

In a post on Mumsnet, she said: "My daughter is booked in to have like a half leg sleeve, I have no idea what it's called but it goes from her ankle to right up to the top but just doesn't wrap all the way around the leg. She is travelling quite far for it, which is the part I do actually respect, as she has chosen the artist considerably but I do think it's a bit of a permanent, big decision at just 19.

"It's consisting of a few things as well, such as a reference to her favourite childhood interest, etc. Basically, just a bunch of things like that going up her leg. There's also my birth flower in there, which is sweet but I would rather she wasn't getting a tattoo, especially if it has a bit of a reference to me. I realise it isn't my decision and I would never try and stop her, but am I being unreasonable to be a bit sad about it? She's still a teenager."

In follow-up comments, the mum added that many of the things involved in her daughter's tattoo are childhood interests that she no longer enjoys, so she can't understand why she would have them inked onto her skin. She also said she isn't a "huge fan" of the style that the tattoo artist uses, and "hates" the tattoo plan.

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Commenters on the post struggled to take sides, as many said that while they also wouldn't like the idea of their child getting tattoos, they wouldn't stop them as they know it's their own choice what they do with their body.

One person said: "Yes you're unreasonable. But I would feel the same (and be unreasonable)," while another added: "I wouldn't want it either but it's her choice. I'd be happy it's hideable too."

Others were in support of the woman's daughter, with some saying other commenters were being too judgemental. Someone posted: "It sounds like they have put a lot of thought into what they are getting and where they're getting it done which is great. It's a huge decision and it is young to make that choice, but it's their choice and hopefully, they won’t regret it. Legs are usually covered up with the UK weather anyway! I have several albeit smaller tattoos, which I still love 10-15 years later and don’t regret at all. There was one I wasn't so keen on but it was easily covered up with a different design that I do love."

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