Love Island fans brand show a 'fix' as they fume over Jess and Sammy win

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Love Island fans brand show a
Love Island fans brand show a 'fix' as they fume over Jess and Sammy win

Love Island fans have branded the show a "fix" after Jess Harding and Sammy Root shocked viewers to bag the £50,000 prize. The other finalists included Ella Thomas and Tyrique Hyde, Molly Marsh and Zach Noble, and Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki.

The winner was announced live on ITV2 from the villa on Monday night. Host Maya Jama revealed the winning couple as Jess and Sammy were overjoyed to have won the public vote. Whitney and Lochan placed second, despite being the favourites to win, Molly and Zach placed fourth, whilst Ella and Tyrique placed third.

Jess and Sammy couldn't believe they had won, and neither could many viewers at home. The couple had previously been voted the least compatible by their fellow Islanders. Some have since slammed the result, as one took to social media to say: "This show is much a fix, how can Sammy and Jess win am still shocked the same guy that didn’t find Jess attractive."

Love Island fans brand show a 'fix' as they fume over Jess and Sammy win erideuiqtqiqdrinvMaya Jama declared the couple winners on Monday night (Matt Frost/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Another added: "I will never be convinced that Love Island isn’t a fix beyond this season because who the f**k voted for Jess and Sammy?!" A third posted: "That’s a fix, there’s no way." While someone else commented: "FIX!! Absolutely disgusted that Whitney & Lochan didn’t win. Turned that straight off."

However, some fans even think they spotted a "clear sign" that Sammy and Jess had won the ITV2 dating show before the results were announced. The finale was hit with a string of technical errors. As Maya spoke to Whitney Adebayo and Lochan Nowacki, who were in the final two she then said fans would be seeing their best bits.

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But Jess and Sammy's best bits were played instead of Whitney and Lochan's highlights. To which Maya said afterwards: "Correction, Jess and Sammy's best bits!" But the blunders didn't stop there as Maya then asked to see fellow finalists Jess and Sammy's best bits, but they were not shown – leaving the live audience in silence. Ever the professional, Maya saw the funny side as she joked: "That best bits situation keeps rattling everyone!"

Some read into the blunder that it was a "clear sign" Sammy and Jess were going to win. Taking to Twitter, one person said: "The fact that Sammy and Jess’ best bits were shown over Whitney and Lochan’s was a clear sign that they were the winners I should’ve been prepared #loveIsland," while a different account put: "From when they showed Jess & Sammy's best bits when it should of been Whitney & Lochan, think they told us there and then who the winners are #loveIsland."

Jess and Sammy shared a moment earlier in the programme before the winner was announced – and the love word was soon dropped by Sammy. "Knowing how much it takes for you to get strong feelings screams to me how serious and genuine our connection is," she told him, whilst he replied, "It took some time at the beginning of my journey to realise what I was risking but when I saw you walking towards the fire pit on your own after Casa, I instantly knew that you were all that I wanted - my wandering eye turned into my eye for Jess."

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