Kansas City Chiefs star breaks NFL record after genius assist from Mahomes

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Jerick McKinnon scored the opening touchdown to set a new record
Jerick McKinnon scored the opening touchdown to set a new record

Another piece of brilliance from Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has handed running-back Jerick McKinnon an NFL record.

McKinnon scored the opening touchdown of the game against the Las Vegas Raiders, and he's now scored in his last six outings for the Chiefs. But, he has scored a receiving touchdown in each of those - something that has never been done before until now.

The Chiefs star is now the first running-back in NFL history to score receiving touchdowns in six-straight games. And the pass to McKinnon from Mahomes was genius, as he popped the ball to the running-back from nowhere.

Mahomes is known for producing an array of passes, which is probably why he's one of the best in the business. And he was on top form again on Saturday, as he found McKinnon despite being pressured by the endzone.

The Chiefs quarterback was actively looking for a pass as he rushed towards the endzone, and just when it looked like he'd either be tackled or forced to throw it away, he found McKinnon with what looked more like a basketball pass. Mahomes has formed quite the partnership with McKinnon in recent weeks, and together they've helped set a new record.

Baby boy has spent his life in hospital as doctors are 'scared' to discharge him rridzziquridttinvBaby boy has spent his life in hospital as doctors are 'scared' to discharge him

It's a niche record that could well be improved as the Chiefs head to the playoffs, and they'll be hoping to do so as the number one seed. Unfortunately for the Buffalo Bills, Monday's cancelled game has handed the Chiefs an advantage in the AFC standings, but the NFL has ensured that in the playoffs they will make it as fair as possible.

Monday Night Football ended in devastating circumstances, as Bills star Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field. The game was soon postponed as Hamlin went to hospital, and the NFL confirmed that the match would not be rescheduled.

It was therefore called a non contest, meaning that the Chiefs were heading into Week 18 just needing a win against the Raiders to top the AFC. But, the NFL have claimed that if the Bills, Bengals or Chiefs meet in the playoffs, they'll entertain the possibility of hosting games at a neutral site.

It's likely that will happen at some stage, but of course the health and wellbeing of Hamlin has taken priority. Hamlin has remained in hospital since Monday, but has been improving with each day.

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