'Entitled mum orders I leave my own garden - I was ruining her family picnic'

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She asked them to leave - but they outright refused (stock photo) (Image: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)
She asked them to leave - but they outright refused (stock photo) (Image: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

A woman has been praised for getting revenge on an "entitled mum" who ordered her to leave her own garden so she could host a picnic in it. She explained how she returned home from work to see a mum, dad, their children, and their dog all relaxing on her front lawn, playing games and tucking into sandwiches.

Taking to Reddit, she said: "I lived in a house that was a block away from a public park. It was a very large park, and I noticed two soccer games occurring when I left one Saturday to go to the grocery store. When I returned home about 45 minutes later, I noticed there was a truck parked beside my property.

"The occupants of that truck were on my property. There was two children dressed in soccer uniforms, their mom and dad, and a large Doberman. The Doberman was lying on a picnic blanket, the parents were setting up their family’s picnic lunch, and the children were chasing each other - all on my front lawn! I couldn’t believe my eyes."

After parking up in her driveway, the woman approached the "entitled mum" to ask her to leave as she is "trespassing on private property". But not wanting to move a muscle, the mum snapped back ordering her to leave instead.

"I walked over to the family asking them why were they on my property," she added. "The entitled mother then snarked at me, 'What does it look like? We are eating lunch.' I asked why are they not eating in the public park that is a block away, and she responded “It’s more peaceful here.' In complete shock, I then said, 'This is private property, and you all need to leave now.' The mother’s response was 'Go f*** yourself, you little ****'.

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"I was furious. I pay the mortgage, I do all the lawn work, and you think it’s ok to trespass and tell me where to go on my own property?" Fed up, the woman quickly came up with a plan to get them to scarper, saying it was "the easiest revenge ever".

She said: "I walked right beside them to the outside tap that was attached to my sprinkler system, and turned it on. The family started screaming, and grabbed all their stuff as they ran to their truck. The mother and father screamed obscenities the whole time, and said that they were going to 'get me'.

"Well, this is where revenge number two came in. I downloaded my security camera footage which showed their licence plate, and brought it to my next door neighbour who just happened to be a police officer who was working that day. The parents were charged with trespassing, and I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day."

Commenting on her post, one user said: "I have fantasies about installing a motion activated sprinkler system on my front lawn for the a***holes who walk onto my property to steal my plants and walk their dogs. Well done." Another user added: "Absolutely loving this. I don't understand why there are people like this who are absolutely confident they can get away with bad behaviour just because they have offspring."

A third user said: "These people are nasty and entitled. I would have done exactly the same. Karma is a b****. One can only hope they’ll think twice before they pull this stunt again in the future. Without consequences… they’d have probably done it over and over to whoever would tolerate it."

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