Easy Amazon 'trick' will bag you an Echo smart speaker for just £3.99

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Amazon has dropped another bargain on its Echo Dot speakers
Amazon has dropped another bargain on its Echo Dot speakers

Looking for a new smart speaker to add to your home? Then Amazon's latest deal may be for you as it drops the price of one of its popular Alexa device to just £3.99 - that's one of the cheapest prices seen in a very long while.

The drop is on the popular 5th Generation ball-shaped Echo Dot. Launched back in 2022 this Alexa-powered device offers instant music streaming, full voice activation, smart home controls and much more. It's usually priced at £54.99 but thanks to the latest offer, shoppers can get a huge £51 off this tech.

It all comes down to how many devices shoppers add to their basket with the online retail giant offering a 'hidden' price drop when a second device is ordered. As our Tech editor Dave Snelling tried for himself in what's the 'cheapest deal' he's ever seen.

Dave said: "All you have to do is pop two 5th Gen Echo Dots into your shopping basket, head to the checkout and apply the unique ECHODOT code.

"You'll suddenly see the price plummet from £109.98 down to just £58.98. That cost cut basically means you get the second Echo device for just £3.99, which is probably the cheapest deal I've ever seen."

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Dave got a bill of less than £60 for two of Amazon's own branded speakers, just £6 more than the current price shoppers pay for one device and it was all thanks to spotting the 'hidden' promo code.

What makes the Echo Dot worth buying?

The new price drop will put the smart speaker on many shoppers' lists and it's filled with high-end features.

The 5th Gen also happens to be the latest model currently available to buy so comes with an improved audio experience, clearer vocals and a more vibrant sound to fill your space which is where Amazon's 'our best sounding Echo Dot' title comes from.

Of course, it is the Amazon features that outperform rival speakers as users are able to connect the device to their Amazon account to play music, podcasts, audiobooks and even access the retailer's storefront through voice activation.

It's likely many shoppers will have another Amazon device lying around so it's been designed to sync up with other smart products from the brand. For instance, if you had a Fire TV you could syn it with the Echo Dot speaker to create more sound.

Amazon is also offering 25% off (trade-in deal) its similar Echo Dot with Clock, the same 5th Gen device fitted with an LED display, aimed at users looking for a more 'alarm clock' style speaker.

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