DC United forward 'takes lie detector' as he faces axe over racism allegations

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DC United
DC United's Taxiarchis Fountas was suspended by the club after the allegations were made by his teammate. (Image: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

D.C. United's Taxi Fountas has taken a lie detector test following allegations he used a racial slur as he faces being axed from the club.

The Greek forward is currently being investigated by MLS after an incident following the team's 4-0 defeat versus the New England Revolution on July 15. The 27-year-old was suspended by the franchise due to "possible violations of league policy" and it emerged that he had been alleged to have directed a racial slur at teammate Nigel Robertha.

Footage from the game shows the two players engaged in an argument in the 67th minute of proceedings at Gillette Stadium and it is thought that a confrontation occurred in the locker room following the end of the game. Robertha was alleged to have struck Fountas with a foam roller in the incident.

Later on in the evening, Robertha made the allegation to teammates and the club's officials that Fountas had used a racial slur. The club then informed MLS and the two players were placed on paid administrative leave as an investigation was launched by the league.

According to The Athletic, the 12-time international has been interviewed by league investigators following the launch of a probe into the incident. It is claimed the former Rapid Wien player has undertaken a polygraph test- otherwise known as a lie detector test - as he looks to defend himself.

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The test was arranged by the Greek striker, taking place on July 29th. It was not requested by either the league or his club. The test monitored the player's breathing, pulse, perspiration and blood pressure as he was asked a series of questions in relation to the incident.

It is reported there was “no deception indicated” in Fountas' answers but the accuracy of polygraph tests has long been subject to debate. With an accuracy rate of 60 to 90 percent, they are not used as valid forms of evidence in the majority of legal proceedings. He has submitted these results to D.C United and MLS.

DC United forward 'takes lie detector' as he faces axe over racism allegationsNigel Robertha made the allegation to his teammates and club officials following the game versus the New England Revolution. (Jason Mowry/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Robertha has also been interviewed as part of the investigation and witnesses have been called upon to give their own testimonies, while audio clips and video footage have been assessed. Fountas has not given any public statement regarding the allegations, and both D.C. United and MLS have refrained from commenting on the probe, as things stand.

Robertha's suspension ended on July 24th and he has resumed playing for the team in the period since, making an appearance in the Leagues Cup loss versus Pumas. Fountas has not returned to action, however, and it has emerged that D.C. United are now looking into a mutual contract termination with the forward, as per the Athletic.

Speaking on the subject of the investigation last month, D.C. United assistant coach Pete Shuttleworth said: "I can say very little at the minute. It’s under an MLS investigation, that’s been reported. We have to support that in the best way we can and wait and see what outcome that delivers. That’s as much as I can say on that issue."

DC United forward 'takes lie detector' as he faces axe over racism allegationsWayne Rooney's D.C. United look set to part ways with Taxi Fountas as an investigation into the allegations is ongoing (Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

D.C. United midfielder Russell Canouse also spoke about the situation following the Leagues Cup clash versus Montreal and said that the club's players are focusing their attention on remaining united as a group. He said: "I’ll speak on behalf of the team. We’re looking to come together.

"Obviously after a situation like that, it’s a difficult moment. We’re looking to come together and put in a performance out there (against Montreal) that shows that we’re a team that came together. (That matter) is in the league’s hands, at this point, so as players we’re just trying to focus on what we can control."

Fountas is currently takes home the third-highest salary on D.C. United's roster and his potential departure would free up a Designated Player slot, as well as an International Roster slot. Rooney's team sit in 9th place in the Eastern Conference standings after 24 games played this term.

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