'For once a minister told the truth, accidentally - no wonder they squirmed'

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Maria Caulfield (Image: PA)
Maria Caulfield (Image: PA)

Blurting out about Labour winning the next general election, gaffe-prone Conservative Health Minister Maria Caulfield accidentally said out loud what most people have been thinking.

Her reference to “when they get into Government” was a revealing slip of the tongue, expressing what many other Tory minsters and MPs, as well as the public at large, expect when Rishi Sunak allows us to go to the polls. Labour leads of 20%, crushing Tory by-election defeats in Selby and Somerton, the cost of living crisis, NHS record waiting lists that Caulfield admitted will get even worse, and the general incompetence and sleaze of the Conservatives are all good reasons to vote them out and give Keir Starmer a go.

Calamity Caulfield will squirm because for once a minister told the truth, albeit accidentally. When they do get into government, Labour will be a damn sight better than awful Sunak and his rotten Tories.

Good luck Lee

Fair play to Lotto Lag Lee Ryan, the man who spent every penny of his £6.5million jackpot, for insisting he is happy working as a painter and decorator. He’s certainly in a better place after spells in jail and homeless. Ryan’s is a cautionary tale for all who dream of riches after he squandered huge amounts and was repeatedly ripped off.

He would be set for life if he had been wiser with money but he couldn’t handle his good fortune and wasted it on failed ventures and the trappings of wealth – a country mansion and expensive cars now long gone. Ryan, who deserves credit for volunteering at a homeless shelter, insists he’s a spiritual billionaire. But deep down he might also wish he were still a financial millionaire as well.

Teachers, civil servants and train drivers walk out in biggest strike in decade eideziqkeiqhhinvTeachers, civil servants and train drivers walk out in biggest strike in decade

Costa del Hell

Towel Wars to grab the best sunbeds at hotels across Spain are making holidays anything but a relaxing experience. It is more like a scene from Mad Max or the Hunger Games than TV comedy Benidorm.

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