'I'm a teacher - I'm set to make £1 million thanks to easy side hustles'

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Bre Thompon has revealed how she
Bre Thompon has revealed how she's set to become a millionaire thanks to her side hustles (Image: Bre Thompson)

A primary school teacher has shared how she’s set to make £1 million thanks to her side hustles, revealing the remarkably simple ways that led her to financial freedom and even allowed her to quit her full-time job. Bre Thompon worked as an educator for years and fronted a popular teaching YouTube channel giving others a behind the scene look at what life is really like looking after young children. While many found her videos informative, her previous bosses didn’t and she suddenly found herself without a job.

Describing that period as ‘soul crushing’, following her dismissal she claims that she was gossiped about, ignored, and ostracised, eventually falling into a depression and worrying constantly about money. It was then that she decided to never be reliant on a single source of income ever again and set about establishing multiple ways to bring in cash. After finding another teaching job she continued to add to her ventures, earning herself a small fortune.

The business mogul has now shared all of her money-making schemes on her YouTube channel so everyone, especially teachers, can earn more funds and help them realise their true potential. Posting the video, titled ‘How I’m Becoming a Millionaire on a Teacher’s Salary’, opening the discussion with: “Let’s talk about the bull**** lie that because you’re a teacher that you’re forever going to be broke…” Insisting it’s not true, she revealed how anyone on a teacher’s salary can build wealth.

One of the perks of being a teacher says Bre is that you “only work 50 percent of the year, I choose to only work during my contract time.”

“I’m still an amazing teacher, I still care so much about my students. But I just set a really clear boundary between my teaching life and my personal, investing life.” This Bre believes is hugely important if you want to be able to draw clear lines between each venture.

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The entrepreneur revealed she uses her job as a teacher as her main stream of income, paying for things like rent, student loans, groceries, and bills while also managing to put some of it into two retirement accounts and her personal savings and investment account.

In addition to her teaching salary, Bre then revealed the 11 other ways she supplements her income. While the majority are simple they still require plenty of effort in order to make them work and actually bring in cash.

First up is creating resources for teachers using the international site Teachers Pay Teachers Bre sells items that she uses in her own classroom so other educators can benefit from them. A quick and easy way to earn a bit extra, this stream has the added bonus of keeping money within teaching, an industry notorious for not paying enough.

“It can help so many teachers and students across the country and world,” said Bre. “This is perfect because I’m already creating so many amazing things in my classroom so why not post it on Teachers Pay Teachers and gain additional income.”

Another way of earning extra money is YouTube, says Bre.“It is fantastic because once you become monetised, you are able to make money in your sleep. You are able to run Google Ads on your video which equals additional income”.

Next on the income stream list is a method that requires you to actually have a property that can be rented out, which obviously isn’t possible for everyone but the business mogul says it is one of her favourite ways to make more dough.

Another avenue that requires some effort is to create your own membership scheme, which Bre has done over the years finetuning her creating her ‘High-Vibe programme’ where she teaches people the “tools, strategies, and resources” needed to create the “life of your dreams”.

Speaking about programme, she said: “I love this stream of income because I’m able to take a passion of mine that I have for reading and create this beautiful container for people to come and evolve into their best high-vibe self.”

In addition to her High-Vibe club, Bre also offers online coaching to those looking to change their lives. She said: “I absolutely love bust through the c**p holding them back, getting through their limiting beliefs and truly creating a life that they love living. That is my true passion, I truly love it.”

And you don’t have to be a life coach or similar to do this, believes Bre, adding: “If you have a passion for anything under the sun, you can become a coach as well. And it can be anything - I’m talking about anything.”

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Similarly, online courses in different subjects that can be sold are also an easy way of bringing in money without doing much work, referring to it as a passive stream of income as she did the content once but can continue to make money from it. Bre said: “It’s magical because I’m able to create an impactful course on any topic, I post it and people can purchase it whenever.

Just like the site Bre uses to sell teaching materials, she also puts things on Etsy to reach a completely different audience. “I post digital, downloadable products,” she said. “I, sometimes, am able to post the same exact products from TPT [Teachers Pay Teachers] onto my Etsy shop and just market it towards homeschool teachers.”

If you have a YouTube channel or social media presence that has a few thousand followers, you might be able to make the most of affiliate marketing to add to your income. Sharing the

Information with her viewers, Bre explained: “Affiliate links are working with another company to help promote their product and you’re able to advertise this link on your different social media platforms.”

Playing the stock market might sound scary but Bre explains that it doesn’t have to be if you do your research and play the long game, revealing she leaves her money to allow it to build. She said: “This is so, so, so simple and it’s something I do every single month. When you invest in the stock market, you put money into a company you truly believe in. You did the research in the company, you like the company, so you’re choosing to invest in the company.”

Last but not least is investing money in cryptocurrency, which is a digital currency that can be used for many things. However, since its launch, there have been many different types that have come and gone and led to lots of people making and losing fortunes. Bre revealed she invests in what she calls long-term, stablecoins that can grow with little chance of losing her money. She said: “It’s a very new and different animal, which is why I’m more interested in letting it sit over a long period of time.”

Bre recently revealed she had left teaching and was completely focused on making her fortune through the above income streams.

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