'Entitled mum stole my plane seat - then ordered I upgrade her to first class'

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He ended up getting the last laugh (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)
He ended up getting the last laugh (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

A man has been left outraged after an 'entitled mum' stole his plane seat before demanding he upgrades her to first class. The 23-year-old explained how he was travelling home to visit his parents and siblings - and splashed out on a business-class seat because he only makes the trip once a year.

But when he arrived at his row after boarding the plane, he noticed a woman sitting in his aisle seat next to her two children. Taking to Reddit, he said: "When I get to my seat, I see a mother and two kids. I tell the mother that's my seat she is visibly annoyed at that statement and snaps back 'No it's not'."

Not wanting to make a scene, the man asks a flight attendant to resolve the situation so he could sit down and claim his rightful seat. "[I] show her my boarding pass so the flight attendant asks her to move from my seat politely," he added. "Being asked to move set off the woman. In a raised voice - but not shouting - she says this is my seat, 'I paid for it so f*** off'.

"The flight attendant still being polite asks to see the boarding passes to check the seats. The entitled mother pulls two out for the seats next to mine. The flight attendant slightly less kind says 'Ma'am these are only two boarding passes where is the third one'. The mother thinking she's smart says, 'I must have dropped the third one so I can't give it to you'."

Still trying to defuse the situation, the flight attendant politely explains how she'll have to move from the seat because he is clearly assigned to it on the ticket. He said: "[She was] arguing for a few more minutes before stopping grinning and she said well if you want me to move so bad how about you pay to upgrade me and my children to first class.

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"I responded by saying, miss I only have a business class seat because I do a trip like this once a year so I tend to be comfortable during my flight and I don't have the funds for three first class tickets. The flight attendant then says to the woman either you or one of your children will have to move or else we will have to remove you from the flight.

"Then without holding back she screeches, 'If I leave he's going to touch my babies'. Me and the flight attendant are physically taken aback after hearing this. After that I stopped trying to be nice and responded, 'Get out of my seat and never make those claims again, you self-centred b****'."

With that, the flight attendant called over security and had the woman and her two children removed from the plane completely, leaving the man with the entire row to himself. Commenting on his post, one user said: "Jeez I’m so sorry about that. Honestly, you were way nicer than I would have been. Sucks her kids saw that but mum is a crazy woman."

Another user added: "Love it! I cannot fathom how people can be so delusional to think that kind of stuff would ever work." A third user said: "The woman is completely nuts! But it is true - you see stupid people on the plane like this all the time."

Paige Freshwater

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