Mum divides opinion after refusing to let her young daughter get acrylic nails

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The girl wants acrylic nails for her birthday (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)
The girl wants acrylic nails for her birthday (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

A mum who refused to let her 12-year-old daughter get acrylic nails has split opinions online with her stance, as some have said she's doing the right thing, but others think she's being too harsh. The mum explained her daughter asked to go to a nail salon to have acrylic nails put on as a birthday present, but she refused, saying the youngster already has plenty of events planned for her birthday.

However, the mum later explained that she wouldn't allow her daughter to get acrylic nails regardless of her birthday plans because she thinks the nails are inappropriate for a 12 year old. Instead, she has agreed to let her daughter have a manicure - but the youngster isn't happy.

In a post on Mumsnet, she shared a conversation she and her daughter had, in which her daughter asked if she could have acrylic nails for her birthday, and her mum replied: "No. I've already organised your (very expensive) birthday present (and those from both sets of grandparents and your extended relatives) and agreed to pay for a movie night with your mates, plus a pre-agreed day out with your best mate. We can maybe have a manicure at a salon (no acrylics) later in the holidays."

The mum said her daughter then had a "massive sulk" and went to bed, leaving the mum to accuse her of "taking the absolute p***" and "being a brat". And when she asked Mumsnet posters for their opinions, she added that she doesn't think the nails are a good idea for someone her daughter's age.

Commenters on the post, however, were largely split - as some said the woman was being too harsh on her daughter, and others said they would never allow their children to get acrylic nails either.

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One person said: "I've said no to my 13 year old having acrylics because I think she's too young. She tried for a while saying but so and so has them but now she's accepted she'll get them when she's older," while another added: "12 years old in my opinion is way too young so no I wouldn't. Young girls have so much pressure to be perfect these days it's just awful, let them be young girls without all fake nails and fake tans, there's plenty of time for that when they are actually adults."

But others said they've allowed their daughters to have the nails they want, as long as they stick to their limits. One mum posted: "My 12 year old does- she is allowed - we have agreed to 3x a year at the start of each of the longer school holidays, and I limit the length," as someone else said: "I'd allow it, but not too long and they'd have to be removed properly."

There were also comments from mums who have had acrylic nails themselves, many of whom explained that the process can "damage" your nails for several months, so they would not recommend it for a child. One stated: "I got acrylics for the first time recently and I will have to wait months to grow out the damage. They filed the whole nail and made it much thinner. Now I have a ridge where the new nail is growing much thicker I really can feel how much most of my nails are damaged. I really hate it and won't get them done again. I wouldn't let my daughter do it."

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