Queen's brutal put down after Meghan Markle's 'tiara tantrum'

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Queen's brutal put down after Meghan Markle's 'tiara tantrum'

The Queen made a brutal put down of Meghan Markle after she threw a "tiara tantrum" before the duchess's wedding to her grandson Prince Harry. Andrew Morton, author of Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, claims the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes behaviour in the lead up to the wedding earned rebuke from the Queen.

In six new chapters of the book that was first published in 2018, Mr Morton says The Times reported how Meghan threw a "tiara tantrum" shortly before the wedding. He writes: "In November 2018, just days after the couple returned from their successful tour Down Under, The Times reported that Meghan had thrown a ‘tiara tantrum’ shortly before her wedding because the tiara she wanted to wear was not available.

Her prima-donna behaviour apparently earned a rebuke from the Queen herself, who told Harry: ‘She gets what tiara she’s given by me.’" In Mr Morton's bombshell piece, he also claims Prince Harry was "irate" when Meghan did not get her way.

Mr Morton added: "The Queen’s formidable dresser Angela Kelly, who was the guardian of Her Majesty’s jewellery, is said to have informed the irate Prince that certain security protocols had to be adhered to in order to access the priceless piece. Harry would have none of it, telling anyone who would listen: ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.’ His ringing phrase did her no favours."

Meghan and Harry have recently shared a new video of them as a couple amid rumours they were 'stepping away' from each other to work on solo projects and rumours about their marriage. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared an Archewell video, uploaded to their site to congratulate the lucky members of the The Archewell Foundation to congratulate them on their award as members of the Youth Power Fund advisory committee.

'I'm spending £20k on a new bathroom - but won't help my brother out with cash' eidexiqreiqtrinv'I'm spending £20k on a new bathroom - but won't help my brother out with cash'

The chosen innovators and campaigners have been awarded a total of $2 million to support efforts in building a better online world, and Harry and Meghan congratulated them via phone call, where the couple looked closer than ever. The duke and duchess were filmed sitting close together as they spoke to each winner personally.

Insiders close to the couple have also said they are "fed up" with the constant rumours about their marriage and insist they will "fight tooth and nail" to stay together. The source told OK!: "The Sussexes’ marriage is fine," and added: "Even if there were struggles, Harry would want to make it work. He has invested so much time into their relationship and adores his family. Coming from a broken home himself, that’s extra motivation for him to keep his family together.”

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