Asda School Uniform Review: Is the budget uniform really worth the hype?

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Asda School Uniform Review: Is the budget uniform really worth the hype?
Asda School Uniform Review: Is the budget uniform really worth the hype?

For as long as I can remember, my parents drove us to our local store to pick up our uniform for the year ahead- and it was always quite a daunting experience to say the least. From picking out the right sizes and making sure we could grow into them, to making sure that we had the best quality for the budget my parents had.

Nowadays, retailers make it much easier with the availability of different items online, and we as a team have done the rounds to find the best products to recommend in stores- and my local Asda had a great selection I could choose from this week.

George School has always been a school uniform I could pick up while on my weekly shop, that I know would suit my son's needs for the duration (at least the first term, anyway), for him to head back to school in.

I only spent £22.50 and managed to pick up two pairs of trousers, two pairs of 3/4 shirts and two blue sweatshirts. This for me was a great pick considering I have spent a little more in the past with other retailers.

For instance, online at the moment at M&S this same uniform haul would have cost £54 including a pack of two trousers, two sweatshirts and a pack of two shirts (M&S only have the sweatshirts in singular packs).

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With a huge saving of £31.50, it goes without saying that it may be worth shopping around for school uniforms when the time comes but, with the obvious in mind, the quality still has to be to an ideal standard.

Here I take a good look at the quality of the items we picked up.

Asda School Uniform Review: Is the budget uniform really worth the hype?It's important to tailor your school uniform orders to suit the needs of your child- with many variations of trousers (stain free, crease free, weather resistant and knee reinforced to name a few) available

The trousers have always been particularly good for my son but in all fairness, he's not a football playing, knee scraping kind of kid so he generally does keep his trousers in really good condition for much longer than most of his friends. Nevertheless, some trousers that I have picked up in the past have been really poor quality- unfortunately Aldi trousers were not a favourite of ours. They didn't last and the material was not very comfortable for my son Tyler, he would complain saying they were too 'itchy', so ever since we have stuck with the Asda or M&S packs.

Asda School Uniform Review: Is the budget uniform really worth the hype?Asda sweatshirts are a MUST for us every year- are longer than most over the waistline, nice fitting crew neck and the colour stays vibrant after a year of washing!

The sweatshirt colour that we have needed to order each year for Tylers primary school has been this royal blue which, you would think would fade easily in the wash.

In short, it's not. We have always ordered this simple, cheap pack of sweatshirts from our local store because they have always been so reliable. My boy loves them.

We have ordered other brands in the past, but Asda have always been our fail safe.

Take a look at various stores offers for what you need for your little ones this September on all retailers websites. You will be surprised at how beneficial it is to shop around when there are so many more specific items you can pick up in stores nowadays- it's great to see plus sizes, alternate leg sizes (straight/skinny etc) and options for taller or shorter kids.... and that's just sizing. Giving families options gives us the space to make sure our kids can be comfortable at school in the correct uniform for THEM.

But, take my word for it, overall, Asda would be my go to for sweatshirts, PE bits and all other accessories including bags (they have brilliant character logo bags and trendy themed bags for kids this year).

Stacey Dutton

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