'Unprecedented spending cuts by Tories have squeezed the life out of NHS'

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Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak's comments on NHS waiting lists in a radio interview on Wednesday sparked a backlash (Image: @LBC/Twitter)

Blaming striking doctors for pushing up NHS waiting lists shows that Rishi Sunak refuses to take responsibility for the Tories’ woeful performance.

The record 7.5 million people waiting for ops didn’t just materialise overnight. The number rose steadily from the low inherited from Labour in 2010 before shooting up during Covid and continuing to increase before a single doctor downed a stethoscope.

And the Prime Minister has the cheek to wash his hands of the impact of recent industrial action because the Government’s incompetent negotiations and resistance to paying fairly triggered the walkouts. Mickey Mouse won’t be the only joker in Disneyland when Sunak takes his family to America this summer after the PM spun myths about why NHS waiting lists are so long.

Unprecedented spending cuts during much of the Tory mis-rule has squeezed the life out of our most precious public service, leaving medical and social care on its knees. The distortion and deceit of Sunak is no laughing matter. The NHS’s greatest asset is its workers. The NHS’s greatest handicap is Sunak and his Tory Government.

US vs Trump

Accused of mounting an attempted coup, Donald Trump will be fighting to keep himself out of jail in court today. The lying ex-US President turning up the hysteria is a sign he knows this is serious.

Teachers, civil servants and train drivers walk out in biggest strike in decade eideziqkeiqhhinvTeachers, civil servants and train drivers walk out in biggest strike in decade

Given Trump is accused of trying to destroy democracy, it is a failure of the US constitution that he is being allowed to run again. Clearly the Founding Fathers never envisaged the presidency being won by a man like Trump, with as little shame as he has talent.

Pitch perfect

Talented Lauren James fully deserves her position as football’s golden girl. We hope she sets two records – as part of England’s first winning Women’s World Cup team and as our wealthiest ever female player if she makes her predicted £1million a year.

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