Avoid paying more for your Galaxy phone, deadline all Samsung fans must not miss

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Here's eveything you need to know including pre-order end dates, trade-in deals and rising prices

Tech fans will be well aware that Samsung has added a handful of new products to its stock including the Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Galaxy Z Fold5. As retailers prepare to start selling these upgraded devices in UK stores there's a specific date shoppers should keep in mind before the prices 'skyrocket'.

Unless you've had your eyes peeled on the Samsung site for the last week you may have missed the brand's range of pre-order deals, aimed at eager shoppers who buy the devices before they officially go on sale. And the prices on offer are a lot cheaper than you'll find when the devices arrive in high street stores.

The date plays a huge part, anyone who misses the pre-order cut-off will pay £100 more on selected devices. For example pre-order the (512GB) Z Flip5 or Z Fold5 handsets today and you'll get them for the same price as the smaller 256GB models, and that's not all.

With up to £650 off the newest Galaxy Tab S9 range, an extra £550 off the ZFlip5 and a free watch strap if you buy the newest Galaxy Watch6, not to mention the added 30% discount to any second item added to shoppers online baskets. But it all comes to an end the day before the devices are added to UK stores - Friday, August 11.

We've rounded up the key dates shoppers need to know to avoid overspending on the newest Samsung products, as a couple of hours could make the difference between bagging a deal or not.

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When do the new devices hit UK stores?

Friday, August 11 2023

Avoid paying more for your Galaxy phone, deadline all Samsung fans must not missTablets, phones and a new smart watch are all included in Samsung's latest launch

The exact date prices on the devices will go up, is the same as the pre-order offers come to an end. Shoppers will be able to walk into any Samsung store or well-known tech retailer and walk out with a new Z Flip5, Z Fold5, Tab S9 or Galaxy Watch 6 from this date.

When it comes to global product launches it can be tricky to know the best retailer to go with as on top of the Galaxy's own stores majority of tech retailers will have the new products in stock. Shoppers can get an idea by looking at the retailers who are currently offering pre-order offers.

Where to buy Samsung's newest stock?

Starting with tech retailers for those who want to buy a new device outright:

  • Samsung
  • Currys
  • John Lewis
  • Amazon
  • Argos

The retailers offering monthly payment plans and combined data deals:

  • O2
  • Virgin Media
  • EE
  • Sky Mobile
  • Vodafone
  • Three Mobile

Time's ticking on all Samsung pre-orders

Pre-orders end Thursday, August 10 2023

Avoid paying more for your Galaxy phone, deadline all Samsung fans must not missThe newest Galaxy Watch6 Series

Time is running out as shoppers have just days left to get money off the newest products. All pre-orders will come to an end on August 10, 2023, the day before the devices are stocked in UK stores.

Its 512GB Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 are reduced by £100, and the biggest 1TB Tab S9 Ultra can be bought for the price of the 512GB model, saving shoppers £100. There are also 'early bird' offers on the Galaxy Watch 6 range, one of which we'll focus on here.

Those with their eyes on the newest Galaxy Watch6 or Galaxy Watch6 Classic will get a free watch strap worth £44 at checkout, and an extra £50 off the price if you spot the code 'WATCH62023' (that's if you don't have an old watch to trade in).

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If you have an older watch to trade in you can get up to £125 off the total price at checkout, and have seven days to post the model. This would bring the cheaper Watch6 model down to a possible £164.

Samsung offering up to £600 'trade-in' offer but when does it end?

Thursday, August 10 2023 - Samsung's trade is open all year round on other selected purchases.

We've gone into detail on the trade-in offer for the Galaxy Watch6 range but it's also available to do on the Tab S9 range and both the Z Flip5 and Z Fold 5 handsets.

Shoppers have until August 10 to get the handset for a fraction of the price. Prices on the Tab S9 start from £799 but its current pre-order trade-in deal can slash that cost by up to £650. And it all depends on what device you have to hand over.

For the Tab S9 trade-in, it doesn't have to be a tablet either as shoppers could hand in an old smartphone and still get money off the S9 tablet. Those with the 'old' iPad Pro 6 (2TB 2022 model) will get the biggest £650 discount off the £799 Tab S9 and there's a £450 discount for those who hand over a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

The minimum amount shoppers will get off if they trade in is £180 off the Tab S9 range and around £100 minimum if you trade in a device when buying the Z Flip 5 handset.

Once shoppers have received their new handset they have seven days to transfer information from their old device and wipe it to factory settings, before posting it to Samsung in the packaging it provides.

Want to split the cost of your new Z5 range handset?

There is no cut-off date to sign up but you must send your old device within seven days

Samsung's Upgrade programme is pretty self-explanatory, and it lets existing customers buy the latest new phone over monthly payments. Softening the blow for shoppers' budgets.

The scheme is run on Samsung via Klarna and to split the cost shoppers have to pay the first 10% of the phone upfront and the 24 interest-free payments. There is no cut-off to sign up but those that do before the pre-orders end would pay £104.90 (as the initial 10% sign-up) for the 512GB Z Flip5 thanks to the current double data pre-order deal.

After the devices become available in store the initial 10% would rise to £114 followed by the installments. To get started on the upgrade program all shoppers must sign into their existing Samsung account to see more details.

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