'Britain's worst KFC' has 'bouncers' check customers' ID and teens are banned

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A KFC in Sittingbourne, Kent, is ID
A KFC in Sittingbourne, Kent, is ID'ing customers after banning unaccompanied minors in a strict temporary measure (Image: Google Maps)

A KFC dubbed the 'worst' in Britain sees bouncers checking people's ID with teenagers banned.

The fast food restaurant in Sittingbourne, Kent, will not allow anyone under 18 inside unless they are accompanied by legal guardians, with age checks reportedly carried out on from 6pm every day.

Mum-of-five Kayleigh Trimmings took her kids for a takeaway at the branch over the weekend when her son Tyler Atkins, 17, got asked for ID by a security guard on the door.

While inside, she said a young couple, around the same age, were turned away. The 35-year-old said the neighbouring McDonald's had not adopted the strict policy and was letting everyone in unchecked.

It's understood the new rules have been introduced in an effort to try curb the rise in anti-social which has struck in the town in recent months. In May, police issued a dispersal order which included the retail park where the KFC is located.

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'Britain's worst KFC' has 'bouncers' check customers' ID and teens are bannedAfter 6pm each day security guards check the IDs of any they suspect to be underage (Google Maps)

Kayleigh told KentOnline: “It’s stopping kids from getting their food or weekend treat. I know there is anti-social behaviour in the town but it isn’t all youngsters.

“How is it fair that innocent kids under 18 are getting turned away? Why can’t the KFC security guard just let two or three in at a time like other shops are doing in the area?”

An employee at the Sittingbourne KFC confirmed to the local news outlet the policy was brought in "as there are problems with the kids". However, there is no signage enforcing it.

A KFC spokesperson said: “Safety has always been our top priority and we simply do not tolerate any violence towards our guests or team members.

“Our Sittingbourne restaurant has seen some recent behaviour from guests that the Colonel wouldn’t be proud of and so for the time being any under 18’s visiting after 6pm must be accompanied by an adult.”

Getting ID'd is traditionally associated with going to the pub or buying alcohol from an off-licence. Ironically, KFC was the first fast food restaurant to open its own pub in West London last year.

The Colonel's Arms in Hammersmith opened exclusively for one week only, between November 25 and December 1, for walk-ins.

It promised an unmatched football viewing experience, away from the winter frost and beer garden benches. Customers could order their favourite KFC food to the table.

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