'Sending the teetotal PM to pull a pint shows how out of touch they are'

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Rishi Sunak (Image: Getty Images)
Rishi Sunak (Image: Getty Images)

Downing Street couldn’t organise a knees-up in a brewery after Rishi Sunak was heckled at a beer festival on the day he hiked alcohol duty by 10.1% overall.

Sending the teetotal Prime Minister to pull a pint in what No10 thought would be a successful PR stunt only demonstrates how much he and the Tories are out of touch. Public hostility to an incompetent ­Government that worsened the cost of living crisis is deep, as Sunak should be well aware.

High inflation, interest rates raised 13 times, a flatlining economy and Channel boats still coming are some of the “achievements” Sunak and the Conservatives can’t boast about. The shake-up in alcohol duty was never going to win the plaudits the PM mistakenly believes he deserves when pubgoers know life is getting tougher under him.

Whoever organised the PM’s backfiring stunt might be a champagne drinker who will enjoy a slightly cheaper bottle of fizz. That in itself would underline the Tories have lost the plot.

Oil be damned

BP’s £2billion profit in the second quarter of this year showed there’s big money still to be made in fuelling the climate crisis. The fossil fuel giant raked in £256 a second, which, incredibly, is 70% down on profits from prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Teachers, civil servants and train drivers walk out in biggest strike in decade eideziqkeiqhhinvTeachers, civil servants and train drivers walk out in biggest strike in decade

Millions of Brits are still paying punishing bills as we continue to rely heavily on oil and gas for much of our energy consumption. As extreme heatwaves rage around the globe, transitioning to a future in which we don’t literally burn the world won’t be easy. But the costs of failing would be far higher.

I'm a calamity

Lying toad Boris Johnson going into the jungle would be an insult to the creepy crawlies in the Bushtucker Trials. I’m a Celeb’s Ant and Dec would eat this shamed former Prime Minister for breakfast. And it’d be “get me out of here” from any celeb unlucky enough to be trapped with him.

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