NBA star a "whole different player" after confirming major change

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Anthony Edwards will wear No.5 at the Minnesota Timberwolves next season (Image: 2023 Getty Images)
Anthony Edwards will wear No.5 at the Minnesota Timberwolves next season (Image: 2023 Getty Images)

After signing a five-year contract extension that could reach $260 million (£203.65m), Anthony Edwards has now changed his jersey number at the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The first overall pick from the 2020 NBA Draft has worn the No. 1 jersey since being selected by the Timberwolves, but has decided to switch back to the number he wore throughout college and high school. Edwards enjoyed his best season in the NBA in 2022-23, but has already sent a warning that he's going to be a "different player" with his preferred number.

Edwards averaged 24.6 points across 79 games last season, and earned a spot on the All-Star roster for his efforts. Every single shooting statistic was a record in Edward's professional career last season, with the exception of free-throw percentage which took a slight dip.

The news of Edwards' number change was announced on Tuesday, and the Timberwolves star revealed his decision making process. "I wanna let all the Minnesota Timberwolves fans know that I'm switching from No. 1 to No. 5 this year, this should be fun," Edwards told Stadium.

"I mean five has always been my number. High School, college, it's been a number to me that I always wanted. I tried to get it when I was drafted but I couldn't, my teammate had it. But an opportunity presented itself and I took it."

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It may seem like a strange time for Edwards to switch jerseys, especially when he's entering his fourth year and really establishing himself in the NBA. But it turns out that the team-mate currently wearing the No. 5 jersey actually wanted to be No. 1, so it worked out.

Malik Beasley wore No. 5 during Edwards' first two seasons in the NBA, and then Kyle Anderson wore No. 5 last season. "We were just waiting for the right time, this year I think Karl likes No. 1 anyway so he can have 1 and I'm going to take 5," Edwards said.

Edwards is convinced that the new number will evolve him, and even stated it would change his style of play. "For sure, a whole different player," Edwards added. "A lot of athleticism, more dunks, just a different level of play because I got my number on my back now."

The Timberwolves star is excited for the new season, and now he has a new contract along with a new number. "It was dope man, I think the work just started when I signed the contract," Edwards explained. "I'm excited for what's to come and for my team.

"I just got team goals, I don't really do individual stuff, that comes when you win as a team. We want to win 50 games, get Karl-Anthony Towns to an MVP level this year... we are going to work for it, hopefully it'll be a great year."

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