Skincare brand launches new product that clears acne in 24 hours

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Skin is transformed (Image: Hey Bud)
Skin is transformed (Image: Hey Bud)

One skincare brand that works wonders on acne without drying out skin has just released a brand new skincare duo and those who have tried it insist it works overnight. Hey Bud's new Blemish-Busting Duo is said to work wonders between its direct spot treatment and acne patches.

The Acne Clearing Treatment uses Miracne, which quickly reduces acne-causing bacteria, Salicylic Acid, which provides light exfoliation to help prevent future breakouts, and decreases the skin's sebum production. It also has Liquorice Root works to aid in the reduction of acne scaring and help promote a more even skin tone.

Hey Bud's signature ingredient Hemp Seed Oil also makes an appearance. This is rich with fatty acids which provide anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin's redness.

The duo also includes hydrocolloid acne patches which are widely recognised as a saving grace when unexpected spots pop up. Hydrocolloid works as a protective barrier which covers the affected area while extracting puss and excess oil from the skin which in turn drastically reduces the size of the spot.

The patches use Niacinamide which helps to balance oil levels and make skin feel smooth. It also contains Salicylic Acid and Hemp Seed Oil like the treatment.

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While the products have only just released and as a result haven't had a chance to bring in reviews, a few acne sufferers were given the chance to trial them before they hit the market. One said: "Helped my acne better than any other product I've used, most importantly to me it helped with the pain and inflammation."

Skincare brand launches new product that clears acne in 24 hoursSkin is clearer

A second wrote: "It works a lot faster than other spot treatments - I noticed visible results within 24hrs!"

A third penned: "I found that my acne didn’t look so angry and I was also not experiencing pain like I normally would from my acne. The redness also went away so quickly!"

A fourth added: "It really worked for my whiteheads. Within a day of application, the spots were gone!"

There are similar products on the market, such as Dots for Spots or Starface Hydro-Stars, although they don't have the additional ingredients for treating acne. You can buy Hey Bud's new Blemish-Busting Duo for £21.

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