Genshin Impact 3.4 update is coming this month and here's everything we know

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The latest Genshin Impact 3.4 update is fast approaching as devs MiHoYo release a trailer to get us excited
The latest Genshin Impact 3.4 update is fast approaching as devs MiHoYo release a trailer to get us excited

The Genshin Impact gaming juggernaut continues to roll onwards, and developer MiHoYo has just provided the first proper look at what players can expect in the highly-anticipated 3.4 update expected later this month.

With stats at the time of writing telling us that in the last 30 days alone Genshin Impact has had over 65 million players through its doors, it is safe to say that every update is eagerly awaited by the fanbase, and no doubt MiHoYo’s accounting department. Genshin Impact updates are always accompanied by their own trailer for the game’s six million YouTube subscribers to take in. The 3.4 update is no different and has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in the first two hours since it was launched.

If you are new to Genshin you might well wonder what all the fuss is about but once you are hooked, it is a difficult game to put down - coupled with the fact you can play it for free on PC, console or even your mobile phone, means things can get addictive very quickly.

Genshin Impact 3.4 Trailer

Lasting over four minutes long the trailer for the new Genshin Impact update is subtitled “The Exquisite Night Chimes” and the anime remains strong in this one. You can see the trailer in full for yourself below.

What’s new in Genshin Impact 3.4?

The 3.4 update for Genshin Impact will see the arrival of a new five-star Dendro character Alhaitham, as well as the usual new quests and events and some other new characters spread across the two phases of Banners.

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Genshin Impact 3.4 Banners

The following are the confirmed banners for the 3.4 update.

Phase one:

  • Dendro 5-star Alhaitham
  • Dendro 4-star Yaoyao
  • Anemo 5-star Xiao – returning

Phase two:

  • Pyro 5-star Hu Tao – returning
  • Hydro 5-star Yelan – returning

When is the Genshin Impact 3.4 update?

The update is set to arrive on January 18th and, as usual, we can expect a little game downtime as the maintenance completes. These updates rarely take long though, so as long as you give the devs a little time to complete the essentials you should quickly be able to jump right in.

With every new update however it means certain things are coming to a conclusion and you now only have until January 17th to finish off anything that you might need to complete when it comes to existing banners.

Assuming things follow the usual pattern, the release times will be as follows:

  • UK: Wednesday, 18th January, 3am (GMT)

  • Europe: Wednesday, 18th January, 4am (CET)

  • West Coast USA: Tuesday 17th January, 7pm (PST)

  • East Coast US: Tuesday, 17th January, 10pm (EST)

  • Central USA: Tuesday 17th January, 9pm (CST)

  • West Coast USA: Tuesday 17th January, 7pm (PST)

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  • Australia: Wednesday, 18th January, 2pm (AET)

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