Shoppers say £14 hooded blanket is 'better than Oodie' and slashes heating bills

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The Amazon dupe looks just like Oodie
The Amazon dupe looks just like Oodie's popular hooded blankets, but for a fraction of the price!

With Brits up and down the country struggling with the rising cost of energy, many are looking for alternative, cost-effective ways to stay warm this winter.

Aussie brand Oodie has proved to be an extremely popular, with thousands of shoppers snapping up the brand’s oversized hooded blankets to avoid racking up a hefty heating bill.

Although we’re huge fans of the brand, it’s safe to say their hooded blankets don’t come cheap, costing up to £69 for one alone. If you can’t justify spending that much, we’ve spotted this £14 dupe from Amazon which shoppers say is just as good, if not better than the Oodie.

Best of all? The stylish grey option is on sale right now for just £13.99 instead of £17 - so that’s even more reason to add it to your basket.

Like the Oodie, the Sienna oversized hoodie boasts a soft sherpa inside to keep you nice and warm, elasticated cuffs and an easily accessible two-sided giant pocket to fit your phone, snacks and more.

Shop prices 'are yet to peak and will remain high' as inflation hits new heights eridzriquhikeinvShop prices 'are yet to peak and will remain high' as inflation hits new heights

Its one size fits all too, featuring a 68-inch waist, a 45.5-inch body and a 25.5-inch arm length - and the oversized style makes it suitable for all members of the family.

The oversized hooded blanket has racked up over 21,000 five-star reviews, with shoppers calling it “simply the best” and “amazingly warm.”

One delighted customer who compared it to the Oodie said: “Bought two of these on sale for keeping warm and cosy in during the winter and they really are warm. Similar to a fluffy blanket or a bathrobe, but in a very oversized hoodie style - like the branded Oodies but at a fraction of the price. For the price we paid they were definitely worth it and will allow us to use less heating.”

A second shopper who said it “will save a fortune on heating bills” added: “I was not expecting quality like this at all! This is luxurious. It’s so unbelievably thick and double lined with Sherpa, the outer layer is so soft and silky. It’s huge too! Huge pocket on the front, cuffed arms and a good length. Looks and feels much more expensive than it is.”

While a third said: “I bought this ready to save on heating costs! During the recent VERY cold spell it kept me sooooo warm. Saving us on heating costs too.”

There’s plenty more colours to choose from too including; black, pink, red, navy and more, however prices may vary depending on which colour you choose.

You can pick up the grey Sienna Hoodie Blanket here for just £13.99 - but be quick as it’s selling out fast.

Shani Cohen

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