Mum wants tattoo for her children - but doesn't want to include step kids

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She doesn't want to offend her stepchildren (Stock Photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Many parents will opt to get a tattoo that represents their children in some way, whether that be a meaningful quote or a full-blown portrait. For some, however, it can be a complicated choice. One mum has now opened up about the tricky situation she's found herself in after deciding to get a tattoo just for her biological children, not her step children.

The conflicted mother, who has already had quite a few inkings over the years, didn't think her husband would mind at all about her latest body art plans but began to reconsider after a recent chat with her own mum.

Mum wants tattoo for her children - but doesn't want to include step kids rridqziqtqitinvShe didn't think her husband would mind, but now isn't sure (Stock Image) (Getty Images/EyeEm)

Taking to Mumsnet, where she goes by the username @TattooQuesi, the stepmother wrote: "I was chatting to my mum about it and she thought my husband might be bothered. I don't think he'd care (and it's my body anyway!) and I'd think surely no one would expect their partner to include their children from a previous relationship on their tattoo for their children?"

She went on to clarify that her stepchildren don't call her mum, and that they only live with them half of the time. The sort of tattoo she's considering would be small and discreet, and would most likely just include the times of her children's birth in some way.

One fellow Mumsnet user advised: "Don't get it somewhere super visible and don't tell your stepkids about it. Putting a [tattoo] on your body of the times you gave birth sounds reasonable to me.

Customer fumes as tattoo artist selfishly hid their initials in designCustomer fumes as tattoo artist selfishly hid their initials in design

"If your kids/stepkids ever ask about it frame it like that. It's about you and your childbirth experiences not a memento to all the children in the family."

Another commented: "I think it's a very personal thing, and will differ from person to person with their individual circumstances. Do what feels right to you, and then be gracious not to use it to hurt any feelings.

"Have a word with your husband to explain why you're doing it, as your body did a wonderful thing in bringing your children into the world, and I would think he would absolutely understand."

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