Andrew Tate has supercars worth £750,000 seized after influencer's arrest

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Andrew Tate has supercars worth £750,000 seized after influencer
Andrew Tate has supercars worth £750,000 seized after influencer's arrest

Andrew Tate has had eight of his supercars, collectively worth over £750,000, seized in Romania after his arrest last week.

The four-time kickboxing world champion was arrested last week in connection with an investigation into alleged human trafficking, rape and forming an organised crime group. And as part of the investigation, Romanian authorities have detained both he and his brother Tristan in a detention centre, and seized a number of their cars.

It is also expected the Tates' mansion in Romania will be seized by police. Their house has played host to a number of high-profile parties and also houses a podcast studio, where they record their show 'Emergency Meeting', and a gym.

Their arrest brought to an end a tumultuous 2022 for the Tate brothers, who shot to fame on social media through controversial videos in which they shared their views on women, life and money. The pair, who are both kickboxing champions at different levels, have been called misogynist for their views, with some claiming their rhetoric is "dangerous".

The elder Tate brother, Andrew, has been maintaining a social media presence through his Twitter account while behind bars, with someone likely posting on his behalf. Since their arrest, his account with over 4.3million followers has shared nine posts and retweeted a number of others, including a message about "The Matrix" from Twitter owner and Tesla founder Elon Musk.

Jake Paul calls on John Fury to make retirement bet for fight with son Tommy rridzziquridttinvJake Paul calls on John Fury to make retirement bet for fight with son Tommy

As he was being led away by police last Thursday, Tate declared that "the Matrix has attacked me" to cameras at the scene. He infamously refers to the powers that be in politics, media and big tech corporations as "the Matrix", in reference to the popular 1999 science fiction film.

The Tate brothers have a fleet of supercars that includes a number of Ferraris, Porches and a Mercedes B63 Brabus. However, they have become infamous for their owning of a rare Bugatti Chiron, with one of Andrew's most renowned catchphrases among fans being "what colour is you Bugatti?"

Andrew Tate has supercars worth £750,000 seized after influencer's arrestAndrew Tate has a fleet of supercars (INSTAGRAM@CobraTate)

Their social media following numbers in the millions, and would likely be considerably bigger by now if Andrew hadn't been banned from Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok earlier this year. Tristan is still allowed to have an Instagram page, and when Musk took over Twitter earlier this year they both had their accounts reinstated after suspensions that outdated their recent rise to fame.

Days before his arrest, Andrew Tate found himself in a Twitter spat with climate activist Greta Thunberg when he bragged about the "massive emissions" from his Bugatti. She responded by declaring that he had "small d*** energy" and should "get a life", before mocking him for his arrest in a later post, both of which ended up in the top 10 most liked tweets in history.

He is no stranger to a celebrity feud, and has been talked about as a potential opponent for a number of famous YouTube boxers including Logan or Jake Paul and KSI. The Brit called him out last August after his 'two fights in one night' gimmick boxing event, while Logan continues to take jabs at the former kickboxing champion.

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