Laura Muir’s coach calls for New Year Honours overhaul as list “very wrong”

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Laura Muir missed out on the New Year
Laura Muir missed out on the New Year's Honours list (Image: Getty Images)

Laura Muir 's coach Andy Young has called for an overhaul of the New Year's Honours list, describing it as 'very structurally wrong'. Young's criticism came after he called out the omission of a number of Britain’s leading female track and field stars.

The coach highlighted the likes of Dina Asher-Smith and Katarina Johnson-Thompson as well as Muir as key athletes who have been overlooked from the list. Muir herself enjoyed another succesful year out on the track, but was one again left off the list.

Her snubbing comes after both Asher-Smith and Johnson-Thompson had previously missed out, despite both winning world championship golds back in 2019.

Addressing the issue, Young said: "Still no MBE for Laura Muir, Dina Asher-Smith or Katarina Johnson-Thompson. It maybe now is time to point out there is something very structurally wrong with the system.

"I am not standing here telling you to consider those who have received such honours over the years as undeserving, however if you take a look at the sporting recipients receiving honours over the last decade, you will find countless sportsmen and women who have achieved less than this amazing trio.

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Laura Muir’s coach calls for New Year Honours overhaul as list “very wrong”Katarina Johnson-Thompson has also previously missed out (PA)

'And that would be on a like for like basis, not even taking into account that athletics is the most competitive of global sports for women, making what they have achieved even more impressive.

"So why have they not been awarded the honour like their compatriots from other sports?" As well as referencing the running trio's efforts on the track, Young also paid tribute to their work and inspiration off it.

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Laura Muir’s coach calls for New Year Honours overhaul as list “very wrong”Laura Muir secured a gold medal at this year's Commonwealth Games (AFP via Getty Images)

He went on: "As well as their sporting achievements away from the track they have been truly inspirational, reaching the upper echelons of academic excellence while continuing to beat the world’s best on the track.

"I’m sure most parents would struggle to think of many a finer role model nowadays for their teenage daughter than someone who has continued to reach the very top of the sporting world, while qualifying as a veterinary surgeon [Muir] or achieving a first class degree in history at King’s College London [Asher-Smith]. So I think now is the time to ask the question what is wrong in the system."

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